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The AN/TPS-1B was a long-range search radar used by the United States Air Force Air Defense Command.

Western Electric AN/TPS-1B Radar mounted on a truck at a deployed location.
Country of originUnited States
TypeLong-range search radar
Other NamesAN/TPS-1B, 1C, 1D

Bell Telephone Laboratories developed this radar that subsequently was produced by the Western Electric Company. A crew of two could operate the radar. The 1B model could detect bombers at 10,000 feet at a distance of 120 nautical miles. The height detection and range on the 1C and 1D models exceeded those of the 1B. The transmitter sent its pulse at an L-band frequency between 1220 and 1280 megahertz (MHz).

This long-range search radar was used in the temporary Lashup Radar Network beginning in 1948.

The AN/TPS-1D was the main component of the AN/GSS-1 Electronic Search Central system used with Nike missile systems.[citation needed]

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  This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website

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The AN/TPS-1D was also a Navy ship Radar system. One AN/TPS-1D Navy ship Radar was adapted to use as a land, long range search radar site at Kunsan AFB Korea in the late 1950s by the USAF, as a back up to the Radar at Osan AFB Korea. (All ID tags on the system said BUSHIPS) In late 1958 this Radar site (6123 AC&W Det. #1) was turned over to the Korean military forces. (ROKAF) This site was able to acquire Radar targets as far north as the DMZ, and also to the west, almost to mainland China. This information is based upon personal experience at the time.