Western Australian Hall of Champions

In 1983, the Sportswriters' Association of Western Australia proposed a Western Australian Hall of Champions to honour past athletes from the state who had made a significant impact in their sport.[1] The Government of Western Australia asked the then-recently created Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) to develop the concept and the Hall of Champions was inaugurated by Keith Wilson, the Minister for Sport and Recreation, on 19 August 1985.[2]

Fourteen foundation inductees were made in 1985 and since then several new inductees are made each year at a dinner hosted by WAIS. The award is the highest honour that can be accorded a West Australian sportsperson.[3]

The induction criteria are:

  • The person must have achieved the highest level of open competition in his/her sport;
  • The person must be product of the Western Australian sporting system, or have established their reputation while living in and representing Western Australia;
  • The person must been retired from open competition for at least five years.

The selection committee currently comprises: Lawrence Apps, Ken Cassellas, Liz Chetkovich, Alan East, David Hatt, Glenn Mitchell and Pam O'Connell. Former members were Wally Foreman and George Grljusich.

The award is separate from the Western Australian Sports Star of the Year which is given to currently competing sportspeople.


Name Sport Year of induction
1961 WA State Football Team Australian football 2014
1967-68 Western Australian State Cricket Team Cricket 2016
Terry Alderman Cricket 1999
Ryan Bayley Cycling 2014
Marian Bell (later Marian Aylmore) Field hockey 1992
David Bell Field hockey 1997
Tully Bevilaqua Women's basketball 2016
Trevor Bickle Athletics 1989
Maxine Bishop Golf 2009
Steele Bishop Cycling 1985
Neil Brooks Swimming 1993
Sharon Buchanan Field hockey 1999
Gary Buckenara Australian rules football 2018
Haydn Bunton Australian rules football 2003
Barry Cable Australian rules football 1985
Ian Cairns Surfing 1990
Ric Charlesworth Field hockey 1995
Jack Clarke Australian rules football 1991
Sammy Clarke Australian rules football 2009
Jodie Cooper Surfing 2001
Priya Cooper Swimming 2006
Craig Davies Field hockey 2006
Elspeth Denning
(aka Elspeth Clement-Denning and Elspeth Denning-Clement.
née Elspeth Swain)
Field hockey 1996
George Doig Australian rules football 1988
Jerry Dolan Australian rules football 1986
Herb Elliott Athletics 1985
Peter Evans Swimming 1992
Ray Evans Field hockey 1989
Graham Farmer Australian rules football 1985
Bevan George Field hockey 2018
Adam Gilchrist Cricket 2015
Brian Glencross Field hockey 1986
Ross Glendinning Australian rules football 1994
Mavis Gray (née Beckett) Field hockey 1990
Brian Griffin Lacrosse 1986
Bridgette Gusterson Water polo 2006
Michelle Hager Field hockey 2007
Brad Hardie Australian rules football 1998
Rechelle Hawkes Field hockey 2005
Ern Henfry Australian rules football 1993
Connie Hicks (née Haigh) Lawn bowls 1997
Darryn Hill Cycling 2009
Tom Hoad Water polo 1996
Kim Hughes Cricket 1994
Lesley Hunt Tennis 1993
Dixie Ingram Athletics 1987
John Inverarity Cricket 1986
Sally Ironmonger Netball 2017
Ron Johnson Speedway 1987
Dean Kemp Australian rules football 2017
Jeff Kennedy Lacrosse 2004
Frank Kersley Harness racing 1987
Fred Kersley (junior) Harness racing 2002
Justin Langer Cricket 2012
Stan Lazaridis Association football 2015
Johnny Leonard Australian rules football 1986
Chris Lewis Harness racing 2011
Dennis Lillee Cricket 1985
Walter Lindrum Billiards 1985
Luc Longley Basketball 2007
Gary Marocchi Soccer 1996
Bob Marshall Billiards 1985
Denis Marshall Association football 2011
Geoff Marsh Cricket 2001
Graham Marsh Golf 1998
Rod Marsh Cricket 1985
Steve Marsh Australian rules football 1995
Bob Massie Cricket 1991
Peter Matera Australian rules football 2010
Phil Matson Australian rules football 1986
Phil May Athletics 1998
Lyn McClements (later Lyn McKenzie) Swimming 1985
Lorraine McCoulough-Fry Disabled swimming 1996
Jill McIntosh Netball 1993
Merv McIntosh Australian rules football 1987
Graham McKenzie Cricket 1985
Elsma Merillo Netball 2001
Stephen Michael Australian rules football 1999
J. J. Miller Horse racing 1995
George Moloney Australian rules football 1985
Frank Moore Horse racing 1986
Don Morrison Surf lifesaving 1986
Graham Moss Australian rules football 1992
Bernie Naylor Australian rules football 2005
David Neesham Water Polo 1988
Decima Norman (later Decima Hamilton) Athletics 1986
Kevin O'Halloran Swimming 1990
Percy Oliver Swimming 1988
George Owens Australian rules football 2004
Lorraine Packham Field Hockey 2012
Ernest Parker Cricket & Tennis 1992
Brian Peake Australian rules football 2000
Eric Pearce Field hockey 1986
Jean Pearce (later Jean Wynne) Field hockey 1991
Julian Pearce Field hockey 1987
May Pearce (later May Campbell) Field hockey 1986
Jackie Pereira Field hockey 2003
Wendy Pritchard (née Butcher) Field hockey 2002
Bruce Reid Cricket 2005
Louise Sauvage Wheelchair racing 2010
Jim Schrader Harness Racing 2008
Jack Sheedy Australian rules football 1989
Barry Shepherd Cricket 1987
Annette Simper (née Foley) Netball 1991
Allana Slater Gymnastics 2011
Don Smart Field hockey 1986
Christine Stanton Athletics 2000
Kate Starre Field Hockey 2008
Belinda Stowell Yachting 2018
Shirley Strickland (later Shirley de la Hunty) Athletics 1985
Rolly Tasker Yachting 1986
Shelley Taylor-Smith Marathon swimming 2014
Gaye Teede Netball 1989
John Todd Australian rules football 1997
Ian Tomlinson Athletics 1988
Frank Treen Horse racing 1986
William 'Nipper' Truscott Australian rules football 1985
Ken Vidler Surf lifesaving 1995
Bill Walker Australian rules football 1987
Barbara Wall Squash 1988
Terry Walsh Field hockey 2000
Lynne Watson (later Lynne Bates) Swimming 1996
Western Australian Women's State Netball Team 1969-72 Netball 2018
Evelyn de Lacy (née Whillier) Swimming 1994
Clive Wilderspin Tennis 1988
Dean Williams Squash 2003
John Winter Athletics 1985
Graeme Wood Cricket 2002
Danielle Woodhouse (née Gusterson) OAM Water polo 2013
Bruce Yardley Cricket 1989

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