West Asia Basketball Association

The West Asia Basketball Association (WABA) is a subzone of FIBA Asia, consisting of countries from West Asia. The WABA Champions Cup, a professional men's tournament, is a top level club competition run by the WABA.

West Asia Basketball Association (WABA)
TypeRegional sports federation
Region served
West Asia
7 national federations
Parent organization

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National tournamentsEdit

WABA ChampionshipEdit

The WABA Championship is a tournament between the national men's basketball teams of the West Asian region.[1] It was first held in Beirut in 1999,[2] and the intention was to keep it once a year thereafter. Despite several years of intermittency, the tournament is now back to its annual format as intended. It serves as the West Asian qualifying tournament for the FIBA Asia Cup and FIBA Asia Challenge.

Year Host First place Second place Third place
1999   Beirut   Syria   Lebanon   Jordan
2000   Beirut   Lebanon   Syria   Iraq
2001   Amman   Syria   Lebanon   Iran
2002   Tehran   Jordan   Iran   Iraq
2004   Tehran   Iran   Syria   Jordan
2005   Tehran   Iran   Lebanon   Jordan
2008   Amman   Lebanon   Jordan   Syria
2010   Duhok   Iran   Iraq   Syria
2011   Duhok   Iran   Jordan   Syria
2012   Amman   Lebanon   Iran   Jordan
2013   Tehran   Iran   Lebanon   Jordan
2014   Amman   Jordan   Iran   Syria
2015   Amman   Lebanon   Jordan   Palestine
2016   Amman   Iran   Jordan   Iraq
2017   Amman   Lebanon   Iran   Jordan

Club tournamentsEdit

WABA Champions CupEdit

Year Venue Champion Result Runner-up Third place
1998   Amman, Jordan   Al-Riyadi No playoffs   Al-Jazeera   Zob Ahan
1999   Amman, Jordan   Orthodox No playoffs   Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya   Al-Quds
2000   Damascus, Syria   Al-Wahda No playoffs   Zob Ahan   Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya
2001   Damascus, Syria   Al-Wahda No playoffs   Orthodox   Al-Ittihad
2002   Beirut, Lebanon   Sagesse No playoffs   Orthodox   Al-Karkh
2003   Tehran, Iran   Sanam No playoffs   Arena   Zob Ahan
2004   Damascus, Syria   Sagesse No playoffs   Al-Wahda   Sanam
2005   Amman, Jordan   Sagesse No playoffs   Saba Battery   Fastlink
2006 No fixed venue No champion Aborted   Saba Battery
2007   Aleppo, Syria   Saba Battery 82–79   Al-Jalaa   Blue Stars
2008   Mahshahr, Iran   Al-Riyadi 83–82 (OT)   Saba Battery   Petrochimi
2009   Amman, Jordan   Mahram 96–85   Zain   Saba Mehr
2010   Tehran, Iran   Mahram No playoffs   Al-Jalaa   Zob Ahan
2011 No fixed venue   Al-Riyadi 3–2   Al-Jalaa   Mahram
2012 No fixed venue   Mahram 3–2   Al-Riyadi
2013   Duhok, Iraq   Champville No playoffs   Foolad Mahan   Petrochimi
2014   Tehran, Iran   Mahram 90–73   Petrochimi   ASU
2016   Amman, Jordan   Petrochimi 70–68   Al-Riyadi   Azad University
2017   Amman, Jordan   Al-Riyadi 83–69   Petrochimi   Naft Abadan
2018   Beirut, Lebanon   Petrochimi No playoffs   Al-Riyadi   Sareyyet Ramallah
2019   Baghdad, Iraq   Chemidor No playoffs   Petrochimi   Naft Baghdad


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