West Adelaide Football Club (1878–1887)

The West Adelaide Football Club (1878–1887) previously known as the West Torrens Football Club was an Australian rules football club that participated in the South Australian Football Association during the 1887 SAFA season.

Annual General Meeting of the West Torrens club was held on April 7, 1881 at Squatters Arms, Thebarton.[1]

On the 15 March 1887 the West Torrens Football Club held a meeting at the Foundry Hotel, Hindley Street in Adelaide where it decided to changed the name of the club to West Adelaide and apply for inclusion in the upcoming 1887 SAFA season. The following office bearers were elected - Patron, Mr. C. C. Kingston; president, Mr. A. A. Fox; vice-presidents, several; and secretary and treasurer, Mr, A. Monck.[2]

The club was nicknamed “The Butchers” because some of the team's players were slaughtermen and the club played matches near the West Park slaughterhouse situated behind the Adelaide Gaol.[3]

Team Colours for the SAFA 1887 Season - Red, White and Blue.[4] Initially the team wore Red and in 1881 Red and White.

Summary of their only SAFA Season - Finished in last place. Played 16 Won 1 Drew 2 Lost 13 (Win and Draw against Gawler and Draw against Hotham). Goals scored 18 - Behinds 52. 114 Goals and 288 behinds against. Top Goal Kicker - Welsby 6 goals.[5]


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