West Ada School District

The West Ada School District #2, long known as the Meridian School District, is a school district based in Meridian, Idaho. In addition to Meridian, the district operates public schools in Eagle, Star and western Boise. It is the largest school district in Idaho.[1]

West Ada School District #2
1303 E Central Dr

Meridian, ID

United States
District information
Motto"Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Challenges"
SuperintendentDr. Derek Bub
Budget$253,745,101 (2010-11)
Students and staff
Students35,118 (2011 est.)
Athletic conferenceSouthern Idaho - 5A
Other information

In June 2014, the district board of trustees voted to change the common name of the district, previously known as the Meridian School District, to West Ada School District. The official name, Joint School District No. 2, remains unchanged.[2]

District information edit

The West Ada School District educates more than 35,000 students in 49 schools over an area of 382 square miles (990 km2). The district has grown by more than 5,000 students in the last five years. West Ada School District schools range in enrollment from 300 to over 2,000 students. School buildings vary in age with the oldest being more than 50 years old.[citation needed][when?]

In Ada County the district includes:[3]

The district extends into Canyon County, where it includes portions of Nampa and Star.[4]

Governance edit

The district is administered by a five-member Board of Trustees elected by voters residing within the district's boundaries.[5] Each of the five trustees represent specific geographic zones in the district.[6] They receive no salaries or benefits and are elected to a four-year term.[5]

Zone Trustee (as of 2023)[7]
1 Lori Frasure (Chair)
2 Lucas Baclayon
3 Angie Redford
4 David Binetti
5 Rene Ozuna (Vice-Chair)

History edit


  • 1945 - School districts reorganized to reduce 1,082 school districts in Idaho to 301 districts.
  • 1950 - District named "Class A School District No. 2."
  • 1963 - The District’s name was officially changed to its current name, "Joint School District No. 2."
  • 2005 - Total enrollment for the district reached over 30,000.
  • 2007 - The district moved into its new offices, consolidating seven different office locations.
  • 2014 - Colloquial name changed from "Meridian School District" to "West Ada School District."
Superintendents Years
L.A. Thomas 1950–1953
Roy G. Denton 1953–1963
J. Lowell Scott 1964–1973
August M. Hein 1973–1985
Nick Hallett 1985–1992
Bob L. Haley 1992–1998
Christine H. Donnell 1998–2004
Linda Clark 2004–2015
Mary Ann Ranells 2016–2021
Derek Bub 2021–Present

High schools edit

There are currently 7 high schools and 6 alternative schools in the district, five of which are classified 5A by the Idaho High School Activities Association.

Boise edit

Meridian edit

Eagle edit

  • Eagle Academy (Alternative)
  • Eagle High School - (1995)
  • North Star Public Charter School (Alternative)

Middle schools edit

There are currently 7 middle schools & 2 alternatives in the district.

Star edit

  • Star Middle School

Meridian edit

  • Heritage Middle School (2007)
  • Lewis & Clark Middle School
  • Meridian Middle School (1904, 1975)
  • Sawtooth Middle School
  • Victory Middle School (2016)

Boise edit

  • Lake Hazel Middle School (1977)
  • Lowell Scott Middle School - (1972)

Eagle edit

  • Eagle Middle School

Alternatives (Meridian) edit

  • Crossroads Middle School
  • Pathways Middle School

Elementary schools edit

There are currently 32 elementary schools in the district.

Meridian edit

  • Chaparral Elementary
  • Chief Joseph School of the Arts
  • Discovery Elementary
  • Hillsdale Elementary
  • Hunter Elementary
  • Linder Elementary
  • Mary McPherson Elementary
  • Meridian Elementary
  • Paramount Elementary
  • Peregrine Elementary
  • Ponderosa Elementary
  • Prospect Elementary
  • River Valley Elementary
  • Siena Elementary

Boise edit

  • Cecil D. Andrus Elementary
  • Christine Donnell School of the Arts
  • Desert Sage Elementary
  • Eliza Hart Spalding (Spalding) Elementary
  • Frontier Elementary
  • Gateway School of Language and Culture
  • Joplin Elementary
  • Lake Hazel Elementary
  • Pepper Ridge Elementary
  • Pioneer School of the Arts
  • Silver Sage Elementary
  • Summerwind School of Math & Science
  • Ustick Elementary

Eagle edit

  • Eagle Elementary School of the Arts
  • Eagle Hills Elementary
  • Galileo STEM Academy*
  • Seven Oaks Elementary

Star edit

  • Star Elementary

*Galileo STEM Academy is both a middle school and an elementary school

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