Wera Frydtberg

Wera Frydtberg (1926–2008) was a German film and television actress. She appeared in I Often Think of Piroschka (1955)[1] Her best known film Wir Wunderkinder (Aren’t we wonderful?) won the Golden Globe for the most successful International Picture in 1960 and the Golden Medal at the Moscow International Film Festival.

Wera Frydtberg
Born11 August 1926
Died16 June 2008
Other namesWera Urbach
Years active1951-2006


Wera Frydtberg was born in Freiburg, Germany in 1926. She started her career in 1947 at the Stuttgart theatre and then moved to the Josefstadt theatre in Vienna. From 1951 she starred in 30 major films and over 100 television productions.[2] She was the mother of historian Karina Urbach.

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