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A Wen Wu temple or Wenwu temple (Chinese: 文武廟) is a dual temple in China venerating the two patron gods of civil and martial affairs in the same temple complex. In southern China the civil god or Wéndì (Chinese: 文帝) is Wenchang (Chinese: 文昌), while in the north it is Confucius; in both north and south the martial god or Wǔdì (Chinese: 武帝) is Lord Guan (Chinese: 關帝). Although single temples to either the civil or martial god alone are widespread, it is comparatively rare to find temples venerating both. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Wen Wu temples were patronised by those seeking success in the Imperial examinations, which were divided into civil and military examinations, and by those seeking advancement in professions which could be interpreted as falling under the aegis of one of the gods. Thus, to the present day, civil servants make offerings to the civil god, and policemen to the martial god.

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The Cantonese transliteration of 文武廟 is Man Mo Miu (see article for details). There are temples in


In Taiwan there are Wen Wu temples in

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