Weightlifting at the 1906 Intercalated Games

At the 1906 Summer Olympics in Athens, two weightlifting events were contested.[1] Now called the Intercalated Games, the 1906 Games are no longer considered as an official Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee.

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
One hand lift   Josef Steinbach (AUT)   Tullio Camillotti (ITA)   Heinrich Schneidereit (GER)
Two hand lift   Dimitrios Tofalos (GRE)   Josef Steinbach (AUT)   Alexandre Maspoli (FRA)
  Heinrich Schneidereit (GER)
  Heinrich Rondl (GER)

Medal tableEdit

1  Austria (AUT)1102
2  Greece (GRE)1001
3  Italy (ITA)0101
4  Germany (GER)0033
5  France (FRA)0011
Totals (5 entries)2248


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