The Weekend 22 is a Christian music countdown. It is a syndicated show that is broadcast nationwide in the United States and heard in over 150 cities across the country. The show is produced and syndicated worldwide by Amped Creative.

Weekend 22
GenreChristian CHR record chart
Country of originUnited States
StarringJosh Ashton
Produced byJason Burrows

The countdown is based on the play lists found on Christian CHR radio stations across the U.S. It was based on the R&R charts until the magazine was folded into Billboard magazine in 2009. JGonzo started out as the host in June 2002. Josh Ashton took over as host in August 2008. The current producer is Jason Burrows and the current executive producers are Ken Farley (owner of Amped Creative) and Brandon Rahbar. Research and script is provided by Rachael Jamison. JGonzo's wife "KJ" is the former announcer of the music news segments. The current music news contributor is Rachael James.

Amped Creative also created and produced a countdown show for Christian AC stations called The Weekend Top 20, which is also executively produced by Ken Farley and Brandon Rahbar. While Rachael Jamison handles music news on 20WT, Wes Shattler handles the research script. 20WT is hosted by Kurt Wallace.

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