Wedding Palace (Tbilisi)

The Wedding Palace or Palace of Rituals (Georgian: რიტუალების სასახლე) is a building in Tbilisi designed by architects Victor Djorbenadze and Vazha Orbeladze. It was built in 1984 as a wedding venue.

Wedding Palace
რიტუალების სასახლე
Wedding Palace (Tbilisi) is located in Tbilisi
Wedding Palace (Tbilisi)
Wedding Palace (Tbilisi) is located in Georgia
Wedding Palace (Tbilisi)
General information
Coordinates41°41′06″N 44°49′40″E / 41.68500°N 44.82778°E / 41.68500; 44.82778



The building, drawing on influences as diverse as 1920s expressionism and medieval Georgian church architecture, met with mixed critical reviews.[1]

Visiting celebrities were often invited to the Wedding Palace - Margaret Thatcher was treated to a Georgian dance performance during her 1987 visit,[2] and Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan renewed his vows with wife Bron while touring in 1990.[3]

In 2002 it was purchased by the oligarch Badri Patarkatsishvili for use as his personal residence. In 2013, the Wedding Palace was leased to a private events company and currently hosts weddings, fundraisers, and corporate functions.[4]


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