Wedding Bible (gift)

A wedding Bible is a Bible either used for officiating in some wedding ceremonies,[1] or a special edition gift presented to the couple. Oxford University Press produced The Oxford Wedding Bible in 2003.[2][3]


  1. ^ An ethnographic survey of South Ibie clan I. B. Bello-Imam - 1995 "A white Holy Bible generally termed Wedding Bible is usually presented, too. This is used by the officiating lady for prayers during the ceremonies."
  2. ^ Annual Report of the American Bible Society - Volume 156 - Page 85 American Bible Society - 1971 "Special editions of Scriptures were produced for evangelistic and other programs, and a wedding Bible was made available for presentation by ministers at marriage services. A special appeal for funds promoted during the middle of the year ...
  3. ^ Robert Hudson The Christian Writer's Manual of Style 2004 - Page 310 "A wedding Bible or a graduation gift book should almost certainly include a presentation page."