Wayambo River

The Wayambo River (also: Wayombo[1]) is a river of Suriname. The river is part of an inland waterway connecting the harbour of Nieuw-Nickerie with Paramaribo.[2]

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The Wayambo River connecting the Nickerie with the Coppename River
Wayambo River is located in Suriname
Wayambo River
Physical characteristics
 • locationBoven Wayambo
 • coordinates5°19′22″N 56°23′41″W / 5.32285°N 56.39485°W / 5.32285; -56.39485Coordinates: 5°19′22″N 56°23′41″W / 5.32285°N 56.39485°W / 5.32285; -56.39485
 • location
Nickerie and Coppename River
 • coordinates
5°20′10″N 56°27′28″W / 5.33611°N 56.45780°W / 5.33611; -56.45780 5°25′59″N 56°02′09″W / 5.4330°N 56.0359°W / 5.4330; -56.0359

The river forms a natural bifurcation:[3] at the source, the water can flow westwards to the Nickerie River and onto the Atlantic Ocean, or it can flow eastwards to the Coppename River also onto the Atlantic Ocean. The Arawarasluis, a lock, has been constructed to increase the flow into Nickerie which is used for irrigation of rice fields.[4]

The indigenous villages of Corneliskondre and Donderskamp are located on the Wayambo River.[5]


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