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List of numbered roads in Waterloo Region

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Table of numbered roadsEdit

County Road # Local Name(s) Northern/Western Terminus Southern/Eastern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
1 Waterloo Street,
Huron Street
Concession Road Sandhills Road New Hamburg, Baden
3 Walker Road Highway 7 & 8 Oxford-Waterloo Road none minor rural route
4 Bleams Road,
Ottawa Street
Highway 7 & 8 RR 54 (Lackner Boulevard) New Hamburg, Mannheim, Kitchener
5 Manser Road,
William Hastings Line,
Hutchison Road,
Queen's Bush Road,
Nafziger Road
RR 86 Highway 7 & 8 Wellesley, Linwood
6 Snyders Road,
Highland Road,
Queen Street,
Benton Street,
Frederick Street
RR 51 (Foundry Street) RR 61 (Bruce Street) Baden, Kitchener
7 Hutchison Road RR 5 (Queen's Bush Road) Road 105 Wellesley
8 King Street (Waterloo),
Weber Street,
King Street (Kitchener),
Shantz Hill Road,
Fountain Street,
King Street (Cambridge),
Coronation Boulevard,
Dundas Street
RR 17 (Sawmill Road) RR 43 (Branchton Road) St. Jacobs, Waterloo, Kitchener
9 Erb's Road,
Erb Street,
Bridgeport Road
Road 101 RR 52 (Bridge Street) St. Agatha, Waterloo, Bridgeport
10 Herrgott Road RR 86 (Line 86) RR 15 (Lobsinger Line) St. Clements, Wallenstein
11 William Hastings Line Road 116 RR 5 (Manser Road) Perth County boundary minor rural route
12 Gerber Road,
Notre Dame Drive,
Queen Street,
New Dundee Road
RR 5 (Nafziger Road) RR 28 (Homer Watson Boulevard) Wellesley, St. Agatha, New Dundee, Doon
14 Weimar Line,
Moser-Young Road
RR 12 (Gerber Road/Notre Dame Drive) RR 16 (Kressler Road) Bamberg
15 Lobsinger Line,
King Street
RR 5 (Hutchison Road) Dixon Street/Montgomery Road St. Clements, Heidelberg King Street is not a Regional Road between Victoria Street and Ottawa Street
16 Kressler Road RR 17 (Hawkesville Road) RR 70 (Erbsville Road) Heidelberg, Erbsville
17 Fountain Street,
Ebycrest Road,
Hawkesville Road,
Ament Line
RR 5 (Manser Road) Highway 8 St. Jacobs, Conestogo, Bloomingdale, Breslau, Cambridge
19 Floradale Road Ruggle's Road RR 86 Floradale
20 Bloomingdale Road RR 52 (Bridge Street) RR 17 (Ebycrest Road/Sawmill Road) Bridgeport
21 Arthur Street Floradale Road RR 85 (Listowel Road) Elmira, North Woolwich
22 Northfield Drive Wellington County limits RR 15 (King Street) Waterloo, Conestogo
23 Katherine Street Woolwich-Pilkington Townline RR 17 (Sawmill Road) Winterbourne, Zuber Corners
24 Hespeler Road,
Water Street,
Ainslie Street
Wellington County limits South of RR 43 (Myers Road) Glenchristie, Cambridge Ends 183 m south of Myers Road
26 St. Charles Street,
Maryhill Road
RR 17 (Sawmill Road) Woolwich-Guelph Townline Maryhill, Bloomingdale
27 Clyde Road,
Samuelson Street,
Beverly Street
Highway 24 Village Road Cambridge, Clyde
28 Homer Watson Boulevard,
Fountain Street
RR 4 (Ottawa Street) RR 8 (Shantz Hill Road) Cambridge, Doon, Kitchener
29 Lancaster Street RR 52 (Bridge Street) RR 55 (Victoria Street) Kitchener, Bridgeport
30 Shantz Station Road RR 26 (St. Charles Street) RR 31 (Kossuth Road) Kossuth
31 Kossuth Road RR 17 (Fountain Street) RR 24 (Hespeler Road) Kossuth
33 Townline Road Wellington County Road 34 Gore Road Cambridge
36 Franklin Boulevard Highway 401 RR 43 (Myers Road) Cambridge
38 Sportsworld Drive,
Maple Grove Road
RR 8 (King Street) RR 24 (Hespeler Road) Kitchener
39 Eagle Street,
Pinebush Road
RR 8 (King Street) RR 33 (Townline Road) Cambridge
41 Bishop Street RR 8 (King Street) RR 36 (Franklin Boulevard) Cambridge
42 Blair Road,
George Street
RR 28 (Fountain Street) RR 75 (St. Andrews Street) Cambridge
43 Myers Road,
Branchton Road
Highway 24 Brant County Road 144 Cambridge, Littles Corners, Branchton
45 East River Road Highway 24 Brant County limits Lockie
46 Roseville Road Regional Road 58 Cambridge city limits Roseville, Orrs Lake shares roadway with Regional Road 71 between Dickie Settlement Road and Edworthy Sideroad
47 Dumfries Road Regional Road 46 Regional Road 75 Wrigley
49 Wrigley Road Regional Road 58 Regional Road 47 Wrigley, Ayr
50 Westmount Road Regional Road 8 Regional Road 58 Kitchener, Waterloo
51 Foundry Street Regional Road 1 Regional Road 4 Baden, Wilmot Centre
52 Bridge Street RR 25 (Northfield Drive) Regional Road 17 Waterloo, Bridgeport
53 Courtland Avenue,
Fairway Road
Regional Road 6 RR 54 (Lackner Boulevard) Kitchener
54 Lackner Boulevard Highway 7 RR 53 (Fairway Road) Kitchener
55 Victoria Street RR 70 (Ira Needles Boulevard) Highway 85 Kitchener
56 Bleams Road RR 70 (Trussler Road) RR 69 (Manitou Drive) Kitchener
57 University Avenue Glasgow Street RR 52 (Bridge Street) Waterloo
58 Bearinger Road,
Fischer-Hallman Road,
Roseville Road,
Northumberland Street,
Swan Street
RR 50 (Westmount Road) Brant-Waterloo Road Waterloo, Kitchener, Roseville, Ontario, Ayr, Ontario
61 Bruce Street RR 55 (Victoria Street) RR 6 (Frederick Street) Kitchener
62 Edna Street RR 55 (Victoria Street) RR 6 (Frederick Street) Kitchener
64 Charles Street RR 55 (Victoria Street) RR 4 (Ottawa Street) Kitchener
69 Manitou Drive RR 53 (Fairway Road) RR 28 (Homer Watson Boulevard) Kitchener
70 Erbsville Road,
Ira Needles Boulevard,
Trussler Road
RR 16 (Kressler Road) Brant Waterloo Road Kitchener, Mannheim, Plumtree
71 Dickie Settlement Road,
Roseville Road,
Edworthy Sideroad
Regional Road 28 Regional Road 97 none minor rural route; shares roadway with Regional Road 71 along Roseville Road
75 Spragues Road,
St. Andrews Street
Regional Road 42 Brant-Waterloo Road Cambridge
80 Can-Amera Parkway Highway 24 RR 33 (Townline Road) Cambridge
85 Listowel Road,
Arthur Street South
RR 86 Regional Road 15 none Waterloo-Elmira rural route
86 Line 86 Red Woods Drive Sideroad 16 Macton, Wallenstein, Elmira, Zuber Corners, Weissenburg
97 Cedar Creek Road,
Cedar Street,
Concession Street,
Main Street,
Old Beverly Road
RR 70 (Trussler Road) Hamilton city (old Wentworth County) limits Cambridge

Additional notes on selected roadsEdit

Waterloo Regional Road 4Edit

Waterloo Regional Road 4 is an arterial road located in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It is a major east-west thoroughfare through the city of Kitchener, where it is known as Ottawa Street. Despite running east-west, Ottawa Street is labeled north-south, with King Street being the dividing line. Upon passing Trussler Road westward out of Kitchener and entering Wilmot Township, Waterloo Regional Road 4 is renamed Bleams Road.

In Kitchener, Ottawa Street intersects the Conestoga Parkway at two points. However, only the first intersection on Ottawa Street North (between the Freeport Diversion and Highway 7) is served by a full signed interchange. The second intersection, on Ottawa Street South west of the Freeport Diversion, must be accessed via the Homer Watson Boulevard interchange.

Three major shopping centres are located along its route. Stanley Park Mall is situated on Ottawa Street North at the intersection with River Road. Ottawa Street South is the home of two power centres: the Sunrise Shopping Centre is located at the intersection with Fischer-Hallman Road, while the Laurentian Power Centre is at the intersection with Homer Watson Boulevard. Ottawa Street South is also the site of the Concordia Club, a major festhalle which hosts up to 4,000 revelers during Oktoberfest each year.

An expansion of the eastern end of Ottawa Street is planned; it will cross the Grand River toward Breslau and the Region of Waterloo International Airport.

Waterloo Regional Road 6Edit

Waterloo Regional Road 6 is an east-west arterial road in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It passes through both Wilmot Township and the city of Kitchener, with its course and name changing several times.

Wilmot TownshipEdit

Waterloo Regional Road 6 begins at Waterloo Regional Road 51 (Foundry Street) in the village of Baden, where it is known as Gingerich Road. Travelling northeastward, it merges with Waterloo Regional Road 1 at the eastern edge of the village and takes the name of Waterloo Regional Road 1 within Baden, Snyder's Road East. From this junction its course changes east heading towards Kitchener, passing through the village of Petersburg along the way.


Upon entering Kitchener, Waterloo Regional Road 6 takes the name Highland Road and becomes a major thoroughfare through the western half of the city. It has major intersections with Waterloo Regional Road 58 (Fischer-Hallman Road) and Waterloo Regional Road 50 (Westmount Road) before meeting with Queen Street South near St. Mary's General Hospital.

From here, Waterloo Regional Road 6 turns left onto Queen Street South and enters downtown Kitchener. At Waterloo Regional Road 53 (Courtland Avenue), it turns right and briefly has a concurrency with R.R. 53 before turning left onto Benton Street, which is the heart of the city's Oktoberfest celebrations each year.

At Waterloo Regional Road 15 (King Street), Benton Street becomes Frederick Street; it is here that the headquarters of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo are located, as well as several provincial court houses and the Frederick Mall. After passing Waterloo Regional Road 56 (River Road), Frederick Street curves northeastward again, before it (as well as Waterloo Regional Road 6) ends at Waterloo Regional Road 55 (Victoria Street), also known as Highway 7, which continues eastward to Guelph.

Waterloo Regional Road 10Edit

Waterloo Regional Road 10 is an arterial road located in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It is a major north-south thoroughfare through from Wallenstein, Ontario(Line 86) to St. Clements, Ontario(Lobsinger Line), where it is known as Herrgott Road.

Waterloo Regional Road 10 also used to run from Lobsinger Line to Weimer Line, along Moser Young Road. This has since been downloaded to the Township.

Waterloo Regional Road 15Edit

King Street north of the half-cloverleaf interchange with Highway 8in Kitchener, looking south

Waterloo Regional Road 15, or King Street is the major north-south arterial road in Kitchener, Ontario, as well as Waterloo, Ontario. In both Kitchener and Waterloo, King Street divides the city into the east and west sides. King Street "resumes" in southern Kitchener and continues to Cambridge, Ontario.

Waterloo Regional Road 39Edit

Waterloo Regional Road 39 is an arterial road in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It runs entirely within the city of Cambridge, just south of Highway 401.

Regional Road 39 begins in the Preston section of Cambridge at Highway 8, where it is known as Eagle Street North. Eagle Street runs a somewhat hilly course and intersects with three railway lines before leveling out, where car dealerships begin to line its northern edge.

At the junction with Highway 24, Eagle Street changes its name to Pinebush Road. It is here that a large Home Depot store (which used to be a Knob Hill Farms supermarket) is located, as well as a shopping centre containing a Wal-Mart, among other things. After its intersection with Waterloo Regional Road 36, better known as Franklin Boulevard, Pinebush Road enters an industrial area, through which it traverses before ending at Waterloo Regional Road 33 (Townline Road), just west of Puslinch Lake.

Waterloo Regional Road 57Edit

Waterloo Regional Road 57, also known as University Avenue, is an east-west arterial road located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It gets its name from the two major institutions of higher education, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, that are situated along its route.

Route descriptionEdit

University Avenue begins at Northfield Drive in the northeastern corner of the city. From there it curves southward, paralleling the Grand River before turning west again prior to the intersection with Bridge Street. After an interchange with the Conestoga Parkway, it goes on to meet many of the major north-south arterial roads of Waterloo. The campus of Wilfrid Laurier University is just past the intersection with King Street, and the University of Waterloo campus can be found between Albert Street and Westmount Road.

After passing the University of Waterloo, University Avenue turns southwest to meet Erb Street (another major east-west road in Waterloo), then curves west again to meet Fischer-Hallman Road. It ends at a roundabout at Ira Needles Boulevard on the western edge of the city.

University Avenue's circuitous routing creates the unique situation of being parts of both the northern and southern municipal boundaries of the City of Waterloo.

Major intersections including University AvenueEdit

  • Northfield Drive
  • Lexington Road
  • Bridge Street
  • Conestoga Parkway (a Parclo AB4 interchange)
  • Weber Street
  • Regina Street
  • King Street
  • Albert Street
  • Westmount Road
  • Erb Street
  • Fischer-Hallman Road
  • Ira Needles Boulevard (a modern roundabout)

Waterloo Regional Road 69Edit

Waterloo Regional Road 69, or Manitou Drive is a north-south road in the southern part of the city of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Manitou Drive begins at Fairway Road and Courtland Avenue; the Manitou Drive intersection delineates Fairway Road from Courtland Avenue.

From this intersection, Manitou runs southward, passing through mainly industrial areas, including an intersection with Bleams Road. (Plans to extend Bleams Road easterly to Wilson Ave and the planned River Road extension may include converting this intersection to a roundabout.)

Homer Watson Boulevard is Manitou Drive's southern terminus, although the street itself continues beyond Homer Watson as Doon Village Road, the main artery of Kitchener's Pioneer Park neighbourhood.