Wat Si Muang

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Wat Si Muang or Simuong (Lao: ວັດສີເມືອງ) is a Buddhist temple in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.


The temple was built in 1563, in the former Kingdom of Lan Xang.

A Buddha statue at the temple

A statue of King Sisavang Vong stands in front of Wat Simuang.

There is a legend that pregnant women at the time of construction were given to as sacrifice to God.[1]


Inside, the temple is unusual in being divided into two rooms. The front room is quiet, with a monk usually on hand to give blessings. The rear room houses the large main altar, with statues and images of the Buddha.[2]



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Coordinates: 17°57′28″N 102°37′02″E / 17.9579°N 102.6171°E / 17.9579; 102.6171