Wat'a, Cusco

Wat'a (Quechua for island)[1] is an archaeological zone in Peru. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Anta Province, Huarocondo District, north of Huarocondo.[2][3] The site consists of five sections,[3]

  • Wat'aq'asa (Wataqasa) in the southwest and west of the area,
  • Willkapata (Willcapata), east of Wat'aq'asa,
  • Qhawarina, north of Willkapata
  • Qullqa, in the extreme east of the archaeological site of Wat'a,
  • Saksaywaman Pata, northeast of the village Huarocondo.
RegionCusco Region, Anta Province
Coordinates13°20′49″S 72°14′44″W / 13.34694°S 72.24556°W / -13.34694; -72.24556Coordinates: 13°20′49″S 72°14′44″W / 13.34694°S 72.24556°W / -13.34694; -72.24556

Saksaywaman Pata was declared a National Cultural Heritage of Peru by Resolución Directoral Nacional No. 519/INC- 2003.[3]

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