Warwick Musical Theatre

Warwick Musical Theatre was a musical theater located on Route 2 in Warwick, Rhode Island.[1]

Warwick Musical Theatre
The Tent
Location510 Quaker Lane, Warwick, Rhode Island 02818
Coordinates41°40′54″N 71°29′47″W / 41.6817°N 71.4965°W / 41.6817; -71.4965Coordinates: 41°40′54″N 71°29′47″W / 41.6817°N 71.4965°W / 41.6817; -71.4965
OwnerThe Bonoff Family
DemolishedJune 2002

Buster Bonoff opened the theatre in 1955 on the site of an open field. Initially the theatre hosted touring Broadway shows, but by the 1970s "big-name" entertainers became its standard offering.[1]

In 1967, the original tent was replaced with a 3,300-seat theatre in the round that used a building from the 1964 New York World's Fair. It also hosted yearly summer shows by World Wrestling Entertainment until 1999.


Facing increased competition from larger venues and the two casinos in Connecticut, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, Warwick Musical Theatre hosted a farewell season in 1999, ending its 54th season with a concert by Vince Gill.

The founders of the theatre, Buster and Barbara Bonoff, did not live long after the theatre closed. Buster died in 2000 and Barbara in 2003.

The Warwick Musical Theatre was torn down in June 2002, and a Lowe's now occupies the site.[1]

Since its demise, the theatre has been honored by a pair of Rhode Island artists. Frank Galasso included it in two of his lithographs, Remember When... and Icons of Rhode Island Past and present. Duke Marcoccio made a commemorative ornament as a part of his series of 'My Little Town' Rhode Island landmarks.[2]

In 2009, The Tent: Life in the Round was shown in local theaters and is now available on DVD from Revolving Stage Productions.


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