Warren Ballpark

Warren Ballpark is a baseball stadium located in Bisbee, Arizona. The ballpark was recently home to the Tucson Saguaros of the Pecos League and the Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings of the independent Arizona–Mexico League The Stadium was built in 1909 by the Calumet and Arizona Mining Company (which later merged with Phelps Dodge) as a recreation for the miners and their families, pre-dating the construction of Chicago's Wrigley Field by nearly five years.[2] It is currently the home of Bisbee Killer Termites and Bisbee High School Pumas baseball and football teams.

Warren Ballpark
Bisbee-Warren Ballpark-1909-1.JPG
Historic Warren Ballpark built in 1909
LocationBisbee, Arizona
Coordinates31°24′38″N 109°52′47″W / 31.41056°N 109.87972°W / 31.41056; -109.87972
Construction cost$3,600 [1]
General contractorThe Warren Company
Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings (AML) (1947–1958, 2003), Bisbee Killer Termites 2015 - current

The ballpark spans approximately forty acres, and is surrounded by an 8-foot (2.4 m) tall wooden security fence. It is divided into two sections: a baseball field on the East side, and a football stadium on the West. The baseball field features a shaded cast-in-place concrete grandstand situated at the Northeast corner. This canopy-covered structure, built in 1909, is still in its original condition, and is listed as a state historic building. Despite ongoing maintenance by the City of Bisbee and the Bisbee Unified School districts, it will most likely need structural renovation at some point in the future. Underneath the grandstand are housed the concrete dugouts, locker rooms, showers and manager's offices. The football field is oriented North to South and consists of a gridiron with modern steel bleachers along both sides of its length. These bleachers have at times in the past been pushed back to expand the baseball outfield.

Warren Ballpark holds a place in American labor history as the location where 1,300 striking, kidnapped miners were held during the Bisbee Deportation in 1917.[3]



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