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Wang Rong (Jin dynasty)

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Wang Rong (234–305), courtesy name Junchong (濬沖), was an official-scholar of the Western Jin dynasty in Chinese history.

Wang Rong
Shan Tao and Wang Rong.jpg
Wang Rong (right) with Shan Tao (left), in a relief dating from the 4th century AD.
Traditional Chinese 王戎
Simplified Chinese 王戎

Wang Rong served under Jin as the 3rd East General. Wang Rong participated during the final conquest of Eastern Wu, where he led his army as far as to that of Wuchang (武昌, present day Ezhou, not to be confused with Wuchang, Hubei, which was called Xiakou 夏口 at the time). Following this, Wang Rong's army merged with Wang Jun's and they advanced towards the Wu capital Jianye. Later, Wang Rong became very well known throughout the Jin dynasty for being one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.

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