Shan Tao (Taoist)

Shan Tao (Chinese: 山濤; pinyin: Shan Tao; 205 – 3 March 283), courtesy name Juyuan, was one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, a group of Chinese Taoist scholars, writers and musicians who lived in the 3rd century. Shan also was an official of Cao Wei and Western Jin.

Shan Tao
Shan Tao and Wang Rong.jpg
Shan Tao (left) with Wang Rong, in a relief dating from the 4th century
Personal details
Wuzhi County, Henan
Died3 March, 283 (aged 78)
  • Shan Gai
  • Shan Chun
  • Shan Yun
  • Shan Mo
  • Shan Jian
Courtesy nameJuyuan (巨源)