Empress Wang Muzhi (王穆之) (died 365), formally Empress Aijing (哀靖皇后, literally "the lamentable and peaceful empress") was an empress of Jin Dynasty (266–420). Her husband was Emperor Ai.

Wang Muzhi's father Wang Meng (王濛) was at one time the chief assistant to a prime minister, but it is not clear which prime minister he served. She became Emperor Ai's wife while he was still the Prince of Langye during the reign of his cousin Emperor Mu, and she carried the title of Princess of Langye. After he became emperor in 361 following Emperor Mu's death, he created her empress. She did not bear any children, and she died in 365. A few months later, he would die as well, from complications of poisoning he suffered by taking pills given him by magicians in search of immortality. They were buried together with imperial honors.


Chinese royalty
Preceded by Empress of Jin Dynasty (266–420)
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