Wang Jingjiu

Wang Jingjiu or Wang Ching-chiu (王敬久) (1902–1968) was a general in China's National Revolutionary Army. He commanded the 87th Division and was engaged in the Chinese Civil War and suppressing the Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army in 1933. His Division became one of the Chinese-German trained Divisions forme in 1936–37. It fought under the 71st Corps at the Battle of Shanghai and Battle of Nanking. The following year he commanded 25th Corps in the Battle of Wuhan and in the Battle of Nanchang in 1939. He later commanded the 10th Army Group in the Battle of Zhejiang-Jiangxi of 1942, Western Hubei Campaign of 1943, and Western Hunan Campaign of 1945.

Military Career

  • 1933-1937 General Officer Commanding 87th Division
  • 1937 General Officer Commanding LXXI Corps
  • 1938-1941 General Officer Commanding XXV Corps
  • 1942 - 1945 Commander in Chief 10th Army Group
  • 1946 Commander in Chief 32nd Army Group


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