Wan'an Prefecture

Wan'an Zhou or Wan'an Prefecture was a zhou (prefecture) in imperial China in modern southeastern Hainan, China. It existed from 662 to 1368, but between 742 and 757 it was known as Wan'an Commandery, and between 757 and 758 as Wanquan Commandery.[3] The Song dynasty made it a military prefecture in 1074.

Wan'an Prefecture (萬安州)
  • Wan'an Commandery (萬安郡)
  • Wanquan Commandery (萬全郡)
  • Wan'an Military Prefecture (萬安軍)
 • 740s or 750sUnknown, 2,997 households[1]
 • 1070s or 1080sUnknown, 270 households[2]
 • Created662 (Tang dynasty)
 • Abolished1368 (Ming dynasty)
 • Succeeded byWan Prefecture (萬州)
Contained within
 • Circuit
Wan'an Prefecture
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Wan'an Military Prefecture
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Wan'an Commandery
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Wanquan Commandery
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese


Wan'an Prefecture administered the following counties () through history:

  • Wan'an (萬安), roughly modern northern Wanning.[4] During Southern Han and Northern Song dynasty it was known as Wanning (萬寧), but after 1136 its name was changed back to Wan'an.[5]
  • Lingshui (陵水), roughly modern Lingshui Li Autonomous County.[6] Between 1074 and 1080 it was part of Wan'an County.
  • Fuyun (富雲), roughly modern western Wanning.[7]
  • Boliao (博遼), roughly modern southern Wanning.[8]

Both Fuyun and Boliao were abolished at the end of the Tang dynasty.


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