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"Walla Zaman Ya Selahy" (Arabic: والله زمان يا سلاحي‎) was the national anthem of the United Arab Republic (UAR), a federation of Egypt and Syria, from 1960. Though the UAR broke up in 1961, Egypt retained the official name of the union until 1971, and the official anthem until 1979.

English: It has been a long time, oh my weapon
Walla Zaman Ya Selahy

National anthem of the United Arab Republic

Former national anthem of Egypt

Former national anthem of Iraq

Former national anthem of Libya
LyricsSalah Jahin
MusicKamal Al Taweel
Adopted(by United Arab Republic) 1960
(by Egypt) 1971
(by Iraq) 1965
Relinquished(by United Arab Republic) 1971
(by Egypt) 1979
(by Iraq) 1981 (by Libyan Arab Republic 1977


Prior to being adopted as the UAR anthem, it was a nationalist song performed by Umm Kulthum during the Suez Crisis in 1956, known in Egypt and the Arab world as the Tripartite Aggression, when Egypt was invaded by the United Kingdom, France, and Israel. Due to its strongly nationalist lyrics evoking national resistance, the song was played frequently on Egyptian radio during the war, sometimes as often as every 10 minutes.

The popularity of the song led to it being adopted as the national anthem of the UAR two years after the establishment of the union. It replaced the former Egyptian anthem, "Nashid al-Huriyya" (The Anthem of Liberty, نشيد الحرية, composed and sung by Mohammed Abdel Wahab), which was adopted following the Egyptian revolution of 1952 and the abolition of the monarchy, as well as the former national anthem of Syria.

The lyrics were written by Salah Jahin, with music by Kamal Al Taweel. The anthem was also used, without words, by Iraq from 1965 to 1981.

It was eventually replaced in 1979 for the peace negotiations with Israel by President Anwar Sadat as Egypt's national anthem by the less militant "Bilady, Bilady, Bilady", which continues to be Egypt's anthem today.[1]


Arabic Lyrics Transliteration Translation

والله زمــان يـا سـلاحـي
اشتـقـت لـك في كـفـاحي
انطق وقـول أنـا صاحـي
يــا حــرب والله زمــان

والله زمـان ع الجــنــود
زاحفة بـتـرعـد رعـود
حالـفة تـروح لم تـعـود
إلا بـنـصــر الـزمــان

همـوا وضـمـوا الصـفـوف
شيلوا الحياة ع الكفوف
ياما العدو راح يـشـوف
منكـم في نـار المـيـدان

يـا مجـدنـا يـا مجـدنـا
يا اللي اتبنـيت من عندنا
بـشـقــانـا وكــدنــا
عـمـرك مـا تبقى هـوان

مصر الحرة مين يحميهــــا
نحـميهـا بـسلاحـنـــا
أرض الثورة مين يفديهـا
نفـديها بأرواحـنــا
الشعب بيزحـف زى النور
الشعب جبال الشعـب بحور
بركان غضبان بركان بيفور
زلزال بيـشق لهم في قبور

Walla Zaman Ya Silahi
Ishtaqti Lak Fi Kifahi
Intaq We Qul Ana Sahi
Ya Harb Walla Zaman.
Walla Zaman 'Algunud
Zahfa Bitir'id Ri'ud
Halfa Tiruh Lam Ti'ud
Illa Binasr Al-zaman.
Hummu Wu Dummu Al-sufuf
Shilu Al-hayat 'Alkufuf
Yama Al-'adu Rah Yishuf
Minkum Binar El-midan.

Ya Magdina Ya Magdina
Yalli Itbanait 'Andana
Bishaqana Wa Kaddina
'Umrak Ma Tibqa Hawan.
Masr Al-hurra Min Yihmiha
Nihmiha Bislahna
Ardh Al-thawra Min Yifdiha
Nifdiha Biarwahna.
Al-sha'b Biyizhaf Zayy El-nur
Al-sha'b Gebal Al-sha'b Bhur
Burkan Ghadban Burkan Biyfur
Zilzal Biyshuqq Lohom Fi Qbur.

It has been a long time oh my weapon!
I long for you in my struggle!
Speak and say I am awake,
Oh war it has been a long time.
It has been a long time for the soldiers,
Advancing with thunderous roar,
Swearing never to return,
Except with epoch-making victory.

Rise and close ranks,
With lives ready for sacrifice.
O! the horror that the enemy shall suffer,
From you in the fire of the battlefield.
O! glory our glory,
You who was built by us,
By toil and pain,
Never to go to waste.
Who shall protect Free Egypt?
We shall protect her with our weapons.
Land of the Revolution, who will sacrifice for her sake?
We will, with our souls.
The people advance like the light,
The people stand like mountains and seas,
Volcanoes of anger, volcanoes erupting,
Earthquakes digging the enemy into their graves.


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