Walden Stakes

The Walden Stakes is a discontinued Thoroughbred horse race run from 1906 through 1948 at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. Raced on dirt, the event was open to two-year-olds horses of either sex.[1][2] The race was named in honor of Maryland-based trainer and owner Wyndham Walden, a Hall of Fame inductee who won eleven American Classic Races, capturing the Preakness Stakes seven times and the Belmont Stakes four times.[3]

Walden Stakes
Discontinued stakes race
LocationPimlico Race Course
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Race typeThoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
Distance1116 miles (8.5 furlongs)
TrackDirt, left-handed

For the first three years the Walden Stakes was contested at a distance of six furlongs, but because it was run in November it was changed in 1909 to one mile so that the year's top class juvenile horses would be tested at a longer distance with a view to their upcoming three-year-old season when races at a mile and longer would be commonplace.[4] Among those top class two-year-olds who won the Walden Stakes were U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductees Reigh Count (1927) and his son Count Fleet (1943), Whirlaway (1940), and Alsab (1941).[5] Reigh Count went on to win the 1929 Kentucky Derby, Alsab finished second in the 1942 Kentucky Derby, and both Whirlaway and Count Fleet won the U.S. Triple Crown series.[6] In addition, the 1930 Walden Stakes winner Mate went on to win the 1931 Preakness Stakes.[7]

Race distances:

  • 1 1/16 miles : 1928-1948
  • 1 mile : 1909-1927
  • 6 furlongs : 1906-1908

In 1923, the Walden Stakes was run in two divisions.[8]


Speed record:

  • 1 mile: 1:39 2/5, Senator Norris (1923)
  • 1 1/16 miles: 1:43 flat, Stone Age (1948)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:


(Miles) / (Furlongs)
1948 Stone Age Nick Combest William C. Winfrey Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1116 M 1:43.00
1947 Gasparilla Warren Mehrtens Max Hirsch Arthur J. Sackett 1116 M 1:49.00
1946 Fervent Douglas Dodson Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1116 M 1:45.80
1945 Colony Boy John Gilbert Tom Smith Maine Chance Farm 1116 M 1:50.60
1944 Rick's Raft Nick Jemas Edward L. Snyder William G. Helis Sr. 1116 M 1:45.80
1943 Platter Conn McCreary Winbert F. Mulholland George D. Widener Jr. 1116 M 1:48.60
1942 Count Fleet Johnny Longden Don Cameron Fannie Hertz 1116 M 1:44.80
1941 Alsab Robert Vedder Sarge Swenke Albert Sabath 1116 M 1:44.60
1940 Whirlaway George Woolf Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1116 M 1:52.20
1939 Faymar Joseph Renick James W. Smith Dixiana Stable 1116 M 1:46.00
1938 Inscoelda Johnny Longden Ben A. Jones Woolford Farm 1116 M 1:49.00
1937 Nedayr Eddie Arcaro William A. Crawford Willis Sharpe Kilmer 1116 M 1:45.80
1936 Brooklyn Silvio Coucci Herbert J. Thompson Edward R. Bradley 1116 M 1:47.20
1935 Ned Reigh Wayne Wright Henry McDaniel Willis Sharpe Kilmer 1116 M 1:49.80
1934 Firethorn Wayne Wright Preston M. Burch Walter M. Jeffords Sr. 1116 M 1:46.20
1933 Chicstraw Don Meade A. Jack Joyner George D. Widener Jr. 1116 M 1:44.60
1932 War Glory Don Meade George H. Conway Glen Riddle Farm 1116 M 1:50.20
1931 On Post Nick Huff Max Hirsch Joe Renick 1116 M 1:45.40
1930 Mate George Ellis James W. Healy Albert C. Bostwick Jr. 1116 M 1:46.60
1929 Ned O Charlie Quattlebaum George W. Foreman George W. Foreman 1116 M 1:47.60
1928 Twink Laverne Fator James W. Healy Loma Stable (Mrs. L. G. Kaufman) 1116 M 1:46.00
1927 Reigh Count Chick Lang Bert S. Michell Fannie Hertz 1 M 1:41.00
1926 Rip Rap Steve O'Donnell Max Hirsch Sage Stable (H. W. & A. G. Sage) 1 M 1:41.00
1925 Mars Harry Richards Robert Augustus Smith Walter M. Jeffords Sr. 1 M 1:42.00
1924 Single Foot Charles Fairbrother Harry Rites J. Edwin Griffith 1 M 1:39.80
1923-1 Stanwix Mark Fator Sam Hildreth Rancocas Stable 1 M 1:39.80
1923-2 Senator Norris Bennie Breuning H. Guy Bedwell Kenton Stable 1 M 1:39.40
1922 Oui Oui William Pool William D. Covington Montfort & B. B. Jones 1 M 1:40.20
1921 Relay Lewis Morris James E. Fitzsimmons Quincy Stable 1 M 1:44.20
1920 Idle Dell John Callahan Scott P. Harlan Lawrence Waterbury II 1 M 1:40.40
1919 Dominique Laverne Fator Sam Hildreth Sam Hildreth 1 M 1:42.00
1918 War Pennant Johnny Loftus H. Guy Bedwell J. K. L. Ross 1 M 1:40.40
1917 War Cloud Johnny Loftus Walter B. Jennings A. Kingsley Macomber 1 M 1:41.40
1916 Columbine Eddie Ambrose A. Jack Joyner George D. Widener Jr. 1 M 1:41.00
1915 Colonel Vennie Ŧ Tommy McTaggart M. Preston Jefferson Livingston 1 M 1:42.00
1914 Double Eagle Charles Burlingame Stephen J. Lawler Quincy Stable 1 M 1:40.60
1913 Superintendent Buddy Glass Clarence Merritt James F. Mannix 1 M 1:41.80
1912 Ten Point Tommy McTaggart Calvin Banks Anthony L. Aste 1 M 1:40.00
1911 Penobscot James Diggins Thomas J. Healey Richard T. Wilson Jr. 1 M 1:41.80
1910 Zeus Carroll H. Shilling Sam Hildreth Sam Hildreth 1 M 1:46.60
1909 Fauntleroy Joe McCahey Robert J. Walden Mrs.R. W. Walden 1 M 1:40.60
1908 Trance David Nicol George M. Odom George M. Odom 6 F 1:13.00
1907 Jubilee Bub McCabe Fred Littlefield Fred Littlefield 6 F 1:15.00
1906 Orphan Lad Jimmy Dennison William M. Garth David Dunlop 6 F 1:14.25
  • Ŧ - In the November 6, 1915 race Celandria finished first but was disqualified.


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