Wait for Me (TV program)

Wait for Me (Russian: Жди меня, romanizedZhdi menya) is an international telecast, talk show and also a popular public search service. It appeared on Russian television since March 14, 1998. It was originally broadcast on Russia-1 (1998), before being broadcast on ORT (since 2002 on Channel One Russia) (1999–2017) and currently being broadcast on NTV. Wait for me is also a TEFI TV Award winner (2018) [1]

Original title

The production of the program is handled by the television company VIDgital.[2] The authors of idea were journalists Oksana Naychuk and Victoria El-Mualla.[3]

In the first years of the program's existence, it was possible to find 15-20 people each month with its help,[4] and in 10 years about 150 thousand people were found.[5] By October 2017, their number had increased to 200 thousand.[6]

Since 2005, VID has begun production of Wait for Me for viewing in other countries. Since then, the program has come out in an international format.[7][8]

Also, from October 2000 to 2004 a newspaper was published with the same name.[9]

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