Waikaia (New Zealand electorate)

Waikaia was a parliamentary electorate in the Southland region of New Zealand, from 1871 to 1881, and then from 1887 to 1890.


The electorate was formed for the 1871 election.[1] James Benn Bradshaw was the first representative; he retired at the end of the parliamentary term in 1875.[2] Bradshaw was succeeded by Horace Bastings, who was elected on 14 January 1876 and who retired at the end of the parliamentary term in 1879.[3] George Ireland was Bastings' successor in the 1879 election; Ireland died on 15 August 1880 while in office.[4] The resulting 1880 by-election was won by Bastings.[3] The Waikaia electorate was abolished in 1881.[1] Bastings stood in the Dunedin Central electorate in the 1881 election and was defeated.[3]

The Waikaia electorate was re-established for the 1887 election,[1] which was won by Hugh Valentine. He served until the end of the term in 1890[5] when the electorate was abolished again.[1] Valentine contested the Tuapeka electorate in the 1890 election and was successful.[5]

Election resultsEdit

The electorate was represented by four Members of Parliament:



Election Winner
1871 election James Bradshaw
1876 election Horace Bastings
1879 election George Ireland
1880 by-election Horace Bastings
(Electorate abolished 1881–1887)
1887 election Hugh Valentine


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