Wadi Kaam Dam

The Wadi Kaam Dam is an embankment dam located on Wadi Kaam, 22 km (14 mi) west of Zliten in Misrata District, Libya. Completed in 1979, the primary purpose of the dam is water supply for irrigation.[2]

Wadi Kaam Dam
Wadi Kaam Dam is located in Libya
Wadi Kaam Dam
Location of Wadi Kaam Dam in Libya
Coordinates32°24′34″N 14°20′27″E / 32.40944°N 14.34083°E / 32.40944; 14.34083
Opening date1979
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsWadi Kaam
Height50 m (164 ft)
Total capacity111,000,000 m3 (89,989 acre⋅ft)[1]
Surface area13 km2 (5 sq mi)

The dam was designed and built by Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering, a subsidiary of the Yugoslavian engineering company Energoprojekt, under the supervision of Chief Engineer Stojan J. Čanović.


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