In 1938 Walter D. Scott founded WD Scott & Co in Sydney, which by the 1960s had grown to become one of the largest management consultancy firms in Australia. The company specialized in business process improvement and performance improvement. In 1966, Sir Walter Scott was appointed as the Chair of the Decimal Currency Board by the Prime Minister, and WDScott (now one word without a space) was appointed to oversee the implementation of decimal currency in Australia.

At one point WDScott existed in many countries and regions around the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In 2007 WDScott re-launched the brand under WDScott Ltd, a public unlisted Australian corporation, with a new international board and a management team to lead the firm. The WDScott methodology and knowledge suite were re-vitalised and re-established within international academic and business communities.[citation needed] The firm acquired Australian management consultancy Clear Lead Pty Ltd in December 2007, and subsequently made several other mergers and acquisitions, including Global Justice Solutions.

In 2010, WDScott merged with Distinct Consulting, an Ireland-based firm with expertise in the design and implementation of business intelligence and analytics-based solutions.[citation needed] The firm expanded to Australia, Europe, and the US.

In 2013, WDScott's northern hemisphere business was acquired by multi-national firm FTI Consulting. FTI also bought the rights to the Distinct brand. The WDScott brand was retained by the Australian business.

Today, WDScott operates as an Australian Pty Ltd company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra.

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