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The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), formerly the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF), is the international governing body of DanceSport and Wheelchair DanceSport, as recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

World DanceSport Federation
Formation12 May 1957
TypeInternational sport federation
HeadquartersMaison du Sport International, Lausanne, Switzerland
92 national member bodies[1]
Shawn Tay

Founded in 1957 as the International Council of Amateur Dancers (ICAD), it took the name IDSF in 1990. In 2011, it was renamed to WDSF to emphasise the global character of the organization.


  • 1909 First unofficial ballroom championships in Paris
  • 1957 ICAD founded in Wiesbaden on 12 May 1957
  • 1960 First television broadcast of Dancesport
  • 1990 Name changed to IDSF
  • 1992 Becomes a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GASIF) (now SportAccord)
  • 1995 World Rock & Roll Confederation (WRRC) joins IDSF as an Associate Member
  • 1997 Recognised by the IOC
  • 2001 Subscribes to World Anti-Doping Code
  • 2004 International Dance Organisation (IDO) joins IDSF as an Associate Member
  • 2007 Presentation of the VISION 2012 project to the IDSF General Meeting[2]
  • 2008 IDSF and the International Paralympic Committee "enter into a collaboration agreement to promote Wheelchair DanceSport jointly"
  • 2008 United Country and Western Dance Council (UCWDC) joins IDSF as an Associate Member
  • 2008 IDSF General Meeting delegates the Praesidium to pursue a restructure of the federation under VISION 2012[3]
  • 2010 Launches the IDSF Professional Division
  • 2011 Changes name to WDSF on 19 June


The WDSF has 92 national member associations, 66 of which are recognised by their National Olympic Committee.[1] Seventy-eight of them are full members while 14 are provisional members.

Full membersEdit

Country Member Name NOC recognized
Albania Albanian Dance Sport Federation Yes
Andorra Federació Andorrana de Ball Esportiu No
Argentina Asociación Argentina de Baile Deportivo No
Armenia Armenian Dance Sport Federation Yes
Australia Dancesport Australia Ltd. Yes
Austria Austrian DanceSport Federation No
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Dance Sport Federation Yes
Belarus Belarusian Dance Sport Federation Yes
Belgium Belgian Dancesport Federation Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dance Sport Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina No
Bulgaria Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation Yes
Canada Canada DanceSport Yes
Chile Federación Chilena de Baile Deportivo y Competición Yes
People's Republic of China Chinese DanceSport Federation Yes
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation Yes
Croatia Croatian DanceSport Federation Yes
Cyprus Cyprus Federation of Social and Sport Dance Yes
Czech Republic Czech Dance Sport Federation Yes
Denmark Danmarks Sportdanserforbund Yes
Ecuador Federación Ecuatoriana de Baile Deportivo Yes
England DanceSport England No
Estonia Estonian Dance Sport Association Yes
Finland Finnish Dance Sport Association Yes
France Fédération Française de Danse Yes
Georgia Georgian National DanceSport Federation Yes
Germany Deutscher Tanzsportverband e.V., Yes
Greece National DanceSport Federation of Greece No
Hong Kong Hong Kong DanceSport Association Limited Yes
Hungary Hungarian Dancesport Association Yes
Iceland Icelandic Dance Sport Federation, DSI Yes
India All India Dance Sport Federation No
Indonesia Indonesian Dancesport Association, IODI Yes
Ireland DanceSport Ireland, LTD No
Israel The Israel Dance Sport Association Yes
Italy Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva Yes
Japan Japan DanceSport Federation Yes
Kazakhstan National Association of Dance of Kazakhstan Yes
Kyrgyzstan Dance Sport Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Yes
Latvia Latvian Dance Sport Federation Yes
Lebanon Lebanese Dance Sport Federation Yes
Lesotho Lesotho Dance Sport Association Yes
Liechtenstein Liechtensteiner Tanzsportverband Yes
Lithuania Lithuanian Dance Sport Federation Yes
Luxembourg DanceSport Federation Luxembourg Yes
Macao Macau DanceSport Federation Yes
Macedonia Macedonian Dance Sport Federation No
Malaysia Malaysia DanceSport Federation No
Malta Malta Dancesport Association Yes
Mexico Federation Mexicana De Baile A.C. No
Moldova Moldova Dance Sport Federation Yes
Monaco The Monaco DanceSport Association Stade Louis II No
Mongolia The Mongolia DanceSport Federation Yes
Montenegro Montenegro Dance Sport Federation Yes
Netherlands Nederlandse Algemene Danssport Bond Yes
New Zealand New Zealand Dancesport Association Yes
Norway Norges Danseforbund Yes
Philippines DanceSport Council of the Philippines, Inc Yes
Poland Dance Sport Federation Poland Yes
Portugal Federacao Portuguesa de Danca Desportiva Yes
Romania Romanian DanceSport Federation Yes
Russia Russian DanceSport Union Yes
San Marino San Marino DanceSport Federation No
Scotland DanceSport Scotland No
Serbia DanceSport Federation of Serbia Yes
Singapore Singapore DanceSport Federation Yes
Slovakia Slovak Dance Sport Federation Yes
Slovenia Slovene Dancesport Federation Yes
South Africa Federation of Dance Sport South Africa Yes
South Korea Korean Federation of DanceSport Yes
Spain Spanish DanceSport Federation Yes
Sweden Svenska Danssportförbundet Yes
Switzerland Schweizer Tanzsport Verband Yes
Thailand Thailand DanceSport Association Yes
Trinidad and Tobago National Ballroom Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago Yes
Turkey Turkish DanceSport Federation No
Ukraine All Ukrainian DanceSport Federation Yes
United States USA Dance Yes
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Dance Sport Federation Yes
Vietnam Vietnam DanceSport Association Yes
Wales DanceSport Wales No

Provisional membersEdit

Country Member Name NOC recognized
Bosnia and Herzegovina The Association of Sports Dance Clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina No
Bolivia Federacion Boliviana de Baile Deportivo No
Brazil Conselho Nacional de Dança Desportiva e de Salão Yes
Bulgaria Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation Yes
Cameroon Fédération Camerounaise Des Danses Sportives et Assimilé Yes
Cambodia Cambodian DanceSport Federation Yes
Colombia Federación Colombiana de Baile Deportivo No
Dominican Republic Federacion Dominicana Baile de Salón Deportivo Yes
Guatemala Asociación Deportiva Nacional de Baile de Guatemala No
Mongolia Mongolian Dancesport Federation Yes
Peru Federación Deportiva de Danza Deportiva No
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Federation of DanceSport Yes
Uruguay Asociación Uruguaya de DanceSport No
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Amateur Dance Sport Association No

Associate membersEdit

Country Member Name
International federation, legal seat Switzerland World Rock 'n' Roll Confederation

Membership in other organisationsEdit

Relationship with the World Dance CouncilEdit

The WDSF is not the only international organisation in the field of competitive dance: the World Dance Council (WDC) is another prominent international dance organisation.

In the past, the WDC focus was on administering professional dancers and competitions. However, the launch of the WDC Amateur League in 2007[4] put the two organisations in direct conflict. The launch of the IDSF Professional Division in 2010 has since become an additional point of conflict.

The WDSF formerly prohibited[5] its members from participating in any competition that is not listed and registered by either WDSF or a WDSF National Member Body. WDC competitions fall into this prohibited category. This policy was revoked in 2012 at the Annual Meeting by vote of the members and since then WDSF encourages athletes to support only WDSF DanceSport and imposes certain restrictions on athletes who compete outside the WDSF DanceSport system.

Like the WDC, WDSF bans same-sex couples from entering competitions, under rule D2.1.1, which states a couple must consist of a man and a woman.[6]


The International News (Tanzsportmagazin), which served as WDSF's official publication since 1998, was replaced in 2004 by DanceSport Today, and in 2009 by World DanceSport magazine.[7]


Name Country Presidency
Otto Teipel Germany 12 May 1957 – 13 May 1962
Heinrich Bronner Germany 13 May 1962 – 23 June 1963
Rolf Finke Germany 23 June 1963 – 27 June 1965
Detlef Hegemann Germany 27 June 1965 - 6 November 1997
elected Honorary Life President in 1998
Peter Pover USA 6 November 1997 – 14 June 1998
Rudolf Baumann Switzerland 14 June 1998 – 11 June 2006
retired as Honorary Life President
Carlos Freitag Spain 11 June 2006 – 23 January 2016
Lukas Hinder Switzerland 23 January 2016 - 17 November 2018
Shawn Tay Singapore 17 November 2018 – present

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