WBF Youth Award

The Joan Gerard Youth Awards were established in 1989 by the World Bridge Federation to celebrate the sportsmanship of competitive youth contract bridge players. They were originally called the WBF Youth Award and were awarded biennially to four competitive bridge players under the age of 26. From 1995 to 2006, this coincided with the World Junior Camp.[1] They were discontinued in 2007 at the same time as the discontinuation of the camps but reinstated in 2013 in a new form, being awarded annually at the Youth Bridge Teams Championships to a Junior, a Youngster, a Girl, and starting in 2015, a Kid. After the passing of Joan Gerard, they were renamed in her memory.[2]


Winners (1989-2007)
Year Winners
1989 Wim Hendriks, The Netherlands Andrew J. Merrison, Great Britain Witold Tomaszek, Poland Sergej Zernov, USSR
1991 Lennart Heip, Belgium Julia Korus, Germany Stephan Magnusson, Switzerland Peter Pade, Denmark
1993 Panos Papadopoulos, Greece Marco Pengov, France Brian Powell, Great Britain Ruth Sorrell, Israel
1995 Andrei Mihailescu, Switzerland Henrik Ron, Denmark Tony Seto, USA Shelley Unger, Austria
1997 Mette Drogemuller, Denmark Daniel Stanghelle, Norway Schelte Wijma, The Netherlands Daniel Zagorin, USA
1999 Josh Heller, Canada Monika Miroslaw, Germany Kathrine Bertheau, Sweden Thomas Schönfeldt, Denmark
2001 Niek Brink, The Netherlands Kostas Koussis, Greece Daniel Mogilnick, Poland Ophir Reshef, Israel
2003 Kåre Gjaldbaek, Denmark Benjy Green, England Philippos Karamanlis, Greece Joel Wooldridge, USA
2004 Sunisa Chodchoy, Thailand Joshua Donn, USA Catalin-Lucian Lazar, Romania Björn Sörling, Sweden
2006 Nicholas Rodwell, Australia Rosaline Barendregt, Belgium Steve de Roos, Belgium Joe Grue, USA
Winners (2013-2014)
Year Juniors Winner Youngsters Winner Girls Winner
2013 Adam Kaplan, USA Li Qian, China Ellena Moskovsky, Australia
2014 Botswana Team Ida Grönkvist, Sweden Jessica Brake, Australia
Winners (2015–present)
Year Juniors Winner Youngsters Winner Girls Winner Kids Winner
2015 Rodrigo Garcia Da Rosa, Argentina Fang Zhengyuan, China Selena Pepić, Serbia Kacper Kopka, Poland
2016 Mikael Grönkvist, Sweden Bermuda Team Susanna Broccolino, Italy, Renee Cooper, Australia, Indonesian Team Isis Lundkvist, Sweden
2017 Christian Bakke, Norway Martin Nataf, France Jinyi Ma, China, Sarah Combescure, France Anshul Bhatt, India


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