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WBC Dynamo Moscow (Russian: ЖБК Динамо Москва) is a Russian women's basketball club playing in the Russian Premier League. Founded in 1923, it was one of the most successful teams in the early stages of the Soviet Championship, winning its first 6 seasons and 5 more titles up to 1958. Dynamo culminated this golden era reaching in 1959 the final of the inaugural edition of the European Cup, which they lost to Slavia Sofia.

The team pictured before a game.

Four decades later Dynamo emerged briefly as the leading Russian team, winning four Russian Championships in a row and reaching the Euroleague's Final Four in 2000. While the team gradually declined in subsequent years, in 2007 it won the EuroCup, its first international FIBA trophy.[1]

Personnel and StaffEdit

  • Tatiana Nikolaevna Ovechkina serves as the current president of WBC Dynamo Moscow.
  • Potapov Andrey Valerievich serves as the current head coach of the club.
  • Zhigil Vladimir Vladimirovich serves as an assistant coach of the club. [2]


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