Włodzimierz of Cracow

Włodzimierz of Cracow (Polish: Włodzimierz z Krakowa, Włodzimierz Krakowski, Włodzimierz Gryfita) (c. 1191 - 18 March 1241) was a Polish knight, Gryf, and voivode of Kraków (Seniorate Province) from 1237 until his death at the Battle of Chmielnik.[1]

Włodzimierz of Cracow
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Voivode of Krakow
PredecessorTeodor Gryfita
SuccessorKlement of Ruszcza
Bornc. 1191
Died18 March 1241
Chmielnik, Poland
Noble familyŁabędzie

Life and Mongol invasionEdit

Włodzimierz was a descendant of Piotr Włostowic and a member of the House of Duninowie.

Włodzimierz, as voivode of Kraków, led Cracovian forces of the ziemia at the Battle of Tursko in February 1241 against the Mongol invasion forces. The battle ended in a defeat for the Poles.

A month later, Włodzimierz co-commanded Polish forces alongside the voivode of Sandomierz. They were both slain in the Battle of Chmielnik. His nephew Klement of Ruszcza, succeeded him as Voiovde of Kraków. Following the Polish defeat and his death in battle, Mongol forces sacked the undefended city of Kraków.

In April, his brother Sulisław of Cracow was killed at the Battle of Legnica while commanding forces from Lesser Poland.



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