Vykintas Vaitkevičius

Vykintas Vaitkevičius is a Lithuanian archaeologist.[1]

Vaitkevičius graduated from the Vilnius University (1996: B.S. history, specialty archaeology; 1998: M.S. history, specialty archaeology; 2000: doctorate in humanities)[2]

His research interests include Baltic and ancient Lithuanian religion, comprehensive studies of Lithuania and Belarus, and digitization of cultural heritage.[2]

Since 2010 he is Vilnius University. As of 2014 he is project leader at the museology chair, Department of Communication.[2]

He is noted for popularization of the archaeology in the society. In particular, since 2002 he is an active organizer of the "Professor Marija Gimbutas Readings" co-organized by the National Museum of Lithuania and the Archaeological Society of Lithiuania.[3] Since 2006 he is deputy chair of the Archaeological Society of Lithiuania.[2]

During 2001-2002 he was member of the state commission in archaeology at Seimas (Lithuanian parliament).[2][4] During 2005-1010 he was on the Immovable Cultural Heritage Review Board of the Department of Cultural Heritage.[2]

In 2011 he was recipient of the State Jonas Basanavičius Award for comprehensive research in ethnic Lithuanian lands.[3]

Other awards include "Archaeologist of the Year" (2008) and recipient of the Baltoji gimtis ("Born Balt") award (2006).[2]


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