Vyatka (river)

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The Vyatka (/ˈvjɑːtkə, viˈɑː-/; Russian: Вя́тка, IPA: [ˈvʲatkə]; Tatar: Cyrillic Нократ, Latin Noqrat; Mari: Виче, romanized: Viče; Udmurt: Ватка, romanized: Vatka) is a river in Kirov Oblast and the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, a right tributary of the Kama.[1] It is 1,314 kilometres (816 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 129,000 square kilometres (50,000 sq mi).[2]

Vyatka-Kirov asv2019-05 img34 Vyatka River.jpg
View of the Vyatka at Kirov
Map of the Volga watershed with the Vyatka basin highlighted
Physical characteristics
 • locationYarsky District, Udmurtia
 • coordinates58°27′07″N 52°10′02″E / 58.4520°N 52.1671°E / 58.4520; 52.1671
 • coordinates
55°35′35″N 51°29′49″E / 55.593°N 51.497°E / 55.593; 51.497Coordinates: 55°35′35″N 51°29′49″E / 55.593°N 51.497°E / 55.593; 51.497
Length1,314 km (816 mi)
Basin size129,000 km2 (50,000 sq mi)
 • average890 cubic metres per second (31,000 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionKamaVolgaCaspian Sea

The Vyatka begins in the northern parts of Udmurtia. It freezes up in the early November and stays under the ice until the second half of April. The Vyatka teems with fish: bream, roach, tench, sheat fish, pike, European perch, zander, etc.

The Vyatka is navigable from its mouth to the city of Kirov, 700 kilometres (430 mi) upriver. The main ports are Kirov, Kotelnich, Sovetsk, and Vyatskiye Polyany.[citation needed]


The largest tributaries of the Vyatka are, from source to mouth:[2]