Vulcan, Son of Giove

Vulcan, Son of Giove (Vulcano, figlio di Giove) is a 1962 Italian fantasy-adventure film directed and co-written by Emimmo Salvi in his directorial debut. At the time of his death in 1989 he was preparing a film on Zeus.[1][self-published source] The film is also known as Vulcan, Son of Jupiter (American TV title). The film was partly shot in Iran.

Vulcan, Son of Giove
Film poster
Directed byEmimmo Salvi
Screenplay by
  • Benito Ilforte
  • Ambrogio Molteni
  • Emimmo Salvi
  • Gino Stafford
Story byEmimmo Salvi
Produced bySpartaco Antonucci
CinematographyMario Parapetti
Edited byOtello Colangeli
Music byMarcello Giombini
Release date
March 17, 1962 (Italy)
Running time
80 minutes (Italy)
76 minutes (USA)
78 minutes (West Germany)

Plot summaryEdit

Following a dispute between Jupiter and Mars the latter ascends to Earth. Together with Venus he instructs the Thracians how to erect a castle which is supposed to become more beautiful than Mount Olympus. Jupiter assigns Vulcan and Etna to find Mars. Eventually the Thracians capture Etna and torture her. Vulcan saves her life and incites the slaves of the Thracians into an uprising. Mars and Venus try to return to Olympus but Jupiter sends Vulcan back to Earth to be with Etna.



The film's romantic scenes have been dismissed as lacking chemistry.[2]


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