Vuelta a Extremadura

The Tour of Extremadura (Spanish: Vuelta Ciclista Internacional a Extremadura or Vuelta a Extremadura) was an annual multiple stage bicycle race in Spain, visiting the main towns of the Extremadura region. Beginning as an amateur event in 1987, it became part of the professional UCI Europe Tour in 2005, and was last run in 2011.


The first race took place in 1987, although it did not become a regular event until 2002.[1] It was restricted to amateurs until the creation of the Continental Circuits UCI in 2005, when it became part of the professional circuit of the UCI Europe Tour, in category 2.2 (the lowest professional category).[2][3] The 2010 event was cancelled, and the final race took place in 2011 as an amateur event, with all its stages in the province of Badajoz, and four of the five stages started and finished in the same place.[4]

Notable winners include José Ángel Gómez Marchante and Daniel Lloyd, both professional cyclists.


Year Winner Second Third
1987 ? ? ?
1988-1993 No race
1994 Claus Michael Møller  DEN ? ?
1995 ? ? ?
1996 ? ? ?
1997 Ernesto Manchón  ESP ? ?
1998-1999 No race
2000 ? ? ?
2001 No race
2002 Sergio Domínguez  ESP Ricardo Serrano  ESP Fredrik Modin  SWE
2003 José Ángel Gómez Marchante  ESP Carlos Barredo  ESP Francisco Javier Andujar  ESP
2004 Juan Carlos López  COL Jordi Grau  ESP Sergio Domínguez  ESP
2005 Luis Roberto Álvarez  ESP Juan Carlos Rojas  CRC Francisco José Terciado  ESP
2006 Pedro Romero Ocampo  ESP Ángel Rodríguez  ESP Gustavo Domínguez  ESP
2007 Nuno Duarte  POR Reinier Honig  NLD José Luis Cubillo  ESP
2008 Daniel Lloyd  GBR Manuel Lloret  ESP Sergio Sousa  POR
2009 José de Segovia  ESP Luis Felipe Laverde  COL Bruno Castanheira  POR
2010 No race
2011 Gustavo Pérez  ARG Paul Kneppers  NED Raúl García de Mateos  ESP

List of winners by countryEdit

Country Victories
Spain 6
Denmark 1
Colombia 1
Portugal 1
United Kingdom 1
Argentina 1


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