Vratislav Mazák

Vratislav Mazák (Czech pronunciation: [ˈvracɪslaf ˈmazaːk]; June 22, 1937 – September 9, 1987) was a Czech biologist who specialised in paleoanthropology, mammalogy and taxonomy. He was also a painter, often illustrating his books about animals and men.

Born at Kutná Hora, he was a professor[ambiguous] at the Charles University's Faculty of Science[1] and worked as a zoologist at the Prague National Museum. With Colin Groves, Mazák described, named and classified the early hominin Homo ergaster. He also described the tiger subspecies Panthera tigris corbetti.[2]

He died in Prague.

Major publicationsEdit

In CzechEdit

  • Naši savci (1970), Our Mammals
  • Kostra velryby v Národním muzeu v Praze a krátký pohled do světa kytovců (1976), The skeleton of the whale in the Prague National Museum and a brief look into the world of cetaceans
  • Jak vznikl člověk: Sága rodu Homo (1977), The Origin of Man - Saga of the genus Homo; with Zdeněk Burian
  • Velké kočky a gepardi (1980), Big cats and cheetahs
  • Jak vznikl člověk: (Sága rodu Homo) (1986), The Origin of Man—Saga of the genus Homo, a revised and enlarged edition; with Zdeněk Burian
  • Kytovci (1988), Cetaceans
  • Pravěký člověk (1992), Prehistoric Man; with Zdeněk Burian

In GermanEdit

  • Der Tiger: Panthera tigris Linnaeus, 1758 (1965)
  • Die Namen der Pelztiere und ihrer Felle (1974)
  • Der Tiger: Panthera tigris (1979)
  • Der Urmensch und seine Vorfahren (1983)

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