Voxxi, stylized as VOXXI, was a website that was launched by Spaniard journalist Emilio Sánchez (former EFE staff)[1] and investor Salomon Melgen in 2011[2] but that soon failed to establish itself as a credible source of information.[3][4][5]

IndustryNews Website
Founded2011 Edit this on Wikidata
FounderEmilio Sánchez and Salomon Melgen
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The name of the site comes from the terms "Vox" and "XXI" (representing the 21st century) according to an El Mundo interview with Sánchez.[6]

The news site was created in order to create content for Latino individuals whose dominant language was English,[2] in competition with services provided by English-based news services looking to expand their influence in the Latino marketplace.[7] At its 2011 launch at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., Voxxi partnered with the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts in the promotion of the advancement of Latino people in America.[8]

Voxxi launched with topical verticals including politics, health, education, sports and entertainment. Ivonne Malaver was the original editor-in-chief but was soon relieved of her position and Sanchez assumed the role himself while hiring experienced editors for each vertical. This translated into a surge in organic traffic and in turn, into more funding for the site, which now had millions of visitors.

In 2013, Voxxi stopped publishing health content and instead launched a stand-alone site called Saludify.[9] Saludify.com had a variety of health-related sections including Prevention, Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition, Sexuality, Health news and Children’s Health, among others.[10]

Although VOXXI started operation with a healthy number of staff members, including developers, marketing specialists, editors, social media managers and a large pool of writers and contributors, which for many months led to millions of visitors per month and a strong following in social media, Sanchez and Melgen decided to switch gears in 2013 and continue operation with only three people on staff, a handful of interns and a few writers. Site traffic for Voxxi and Saludify quickly and significantly declined.[11]

In 2014, Sanchez associated with InteractiveONE[12] in an effort to revert to higher traffic days but the alliance was unsuccessful.

As of March 2015, VOXXI and Saludify quietly shut down. Sanchez later admitted in written statement that this was partly due to the failure in building enough traffic to secure revenue.[13]

"A lack of funding, erroneous strategy, fierce competition, insufficient web traffic and other market factors have forced the shutdown of VOXXI, three years after its launch," explain Media Moves.[11]

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