Vonda Malone

Vonda Lisa Malone is the Chief executive officer of the Torres Strait Regional Authority starting her five-year term on 1 May 2022[2] and is on the NIAA Senior Advisory Group.[3] Vonda was the first female Mayor[4][2] of the Torres Shire Council.[5][6][7]

Vonda Lisa Malone
Thursday Island, Australia[1]
NationalityTorres Strait Islander, Australian
Other namesVonda Lisa Moar
OccupationChief executive officer


Vonda is the daughter of Mary Isabella (Bella) Moar and is of Peidu Tribe, Erub Island[8] and grew up on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait region.[9]


An Australian Diplomat with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and then with United Nations Office of the Human Rights Commission.[9][1] Vonda is founding Chair of Torres Health Indigenous Corporation[10] and was Chair of the Torres Cape Indigenous Council Alliance.[11] and was a member of Indigenous Reference Group for the Developing Northern Australia Initiative.[12] Chair of Community Enterprise Queensland/Islanders Industry Board of Service (IBIS) since 2012[13][14] and member of the Telstra Advisory Committee.[1] Vonda was Executive Manager of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Health Partnership.[14][15] Vonda is also a 2001 Fellow of the United Nations Office of the Human Rights Commission Indigenous Fellowship Program,[16] a member of the Oxfam Australia Straight Talk Steering Committee,[17] representative on the TCHHS Clinical Safety and quality Committee, member of the Torres Strait Dementia Project and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.[14]


  • Centenary Medal - For distinguished contribution to the Torres Strait Regional Authority.[18]
  • 2017 McKinnon Emerging Political Leader of the Year[9]
  • NAIDOC Award of Excellence.[19]


  • Fellow of Australian Rural Leadership Program[16]
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management[16][14]
  • Graduate Certificate in Australian Rural Leadership[16]


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