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The Volkswagen Group A0 platform is a series of automobile platforms shared among superminis of various marques of the Volkswagen Group.

Under Volkswagen's revised platform naming system, the "A04" platform is now known as the PQ24 platform,[1] and what may have been called the A05 platform is officially the PQ25 platform. The new nomenclature is derived as follows:

  • P indicates a passenger car platform
  • Q (quer) indicates a transverse engine
  • 2 indicates the platform size or class
  • 5 indicates the generation



A01 (Typ 86) platform cars:


A02 (Typ 86C) platform cars:


A03 platform cars:

A04 (PQ24)Edit

A04 platform cars, now officially referred to as the PQ24 platform:[1]

A05 (PQ25) Edit

PQ25 is a development of the PQ24 platform with the possibility of all-wheel drive,[2][4][5][6] informally known as A05 .

"New A05+"

A06 (PQ26) Edit


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