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Volkswagen Australia

The Volkswagen Country Buggy was a product of Volkswagen Australia

Volkswagen Australia Ltd was formed in 1957 by Volkswagen AG of Germany and various Australian state Volkswagen distributors.[1] The company acquired the vehicle assembly facilities of Martin & King at Clayton in Victoria, that site having been used for local assembly of the Volkswagen Beetle since 1954.[1] By 1960 sheet metal panels were being pressed at Clayton and by 1967 the engine and most components were being produced there.[1]

In 1967 Volkswagen Australia developed a unique model, the Country Buggy, which used components from the Beetle and the Kombi.[2]

Due to falling sales the operation reverted to assembly only in 1968.[1] A new company, Motor Producers Limited was formed and operations were expanded to include Datsun and Volvo models as well as Volkswagens.[1] The factory was sold to Nissan in 1976 and Australian assembly of Volkswagens ended shortly after.[1]


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