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Volker Rolf Berghahn (born 15 February 1938) is a historian of German and modern European history at Columbia University. His research interests have included the fin de siècle period in Europe, the origins of World War I, and German-American relations. He received his M.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1961 and his Ph.D., under supervision of Francis L. Carsten (de), from the University of London in 1964. Prior to teaching in the United States, Berghahn worked in the United Kingdom and Germany. In 1988, he accepted a position at Brown University, and moved to Columbia ten years later.

Volker Berghahn
Born Volker Rolf Berghahn
(1938-02-15) 15 February 1938 (age 80)
Berlin, Germany
Nationality German American
Alma mater University of London
University of North Carolina
Scientific career
Fields Modern history
Institutions Columbia University
Doctoral advisor Francis L. Carsten (de)

Berghahn now holds the chair of Seth Low Professor of History at Columbia, and is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He has become widely cited in his field, and his works include:

  • Der Stahlhelm: Bund der Frontsoldaten 1918-1935 (1966)
  • Der Tirpitz-Plan (1971)
  • Germany in the Age of Total War (with Martin Kitchen), (London: Croom Helm; Totowa N.J.: Barnes and Noble, 1981)
  • Modern Germany (1982)
  • The Americanization of West German Industry, 1945–1973 (1986)
  • Imperial Germany: 1871–1914 economy, society, culture, and politics (1994)
  • Quest for Economic Empire, ed. (1996)
  • Der Untergang des alten Europas, 1900-1929 (1999)
  • America and the Intellectual Cold Wars in Europe (2001)
  • Der Erste Weltkrieg (2003)
  • Europe in the Era of Two World Wars: From Militarism and Genocide to Civil Society, 1900-1950 (English translation 2005)
  • Gibt es einen deutschen Kapitalismus?: Tradition und globale Perspektiven der sozialen Marktwirtschaft (2006)

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