Vladimir Cherkassky

Vladimir Alexandrovich Cherkassky (Russian: Владимир Александрович Черкасский; 13 April 1821 – 3 March 1878) was a slavophil Russian politician[2] and first head of the provisional Russian Administration in Bulgaria.

Vladimir Cherkassky
Vladimir Cherkassky.jpg
Moscow's Gorodskoy Golova
(Московский городской голова)[1]
In office
Personal details
Born13 April 1821
Tula Province, Russian Empire
Died3 March 1878(1878-03-03) (aged 56)
San Stefano, Ottoman Empire


Born into a princely family, Cherkassky studied law at Moscow State University. He supported the Emancipation reform of 1861 which abolished serfdom in Russia.


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