Vladimir Bezobrazov

Vladimir Pavlovich Bezobrazov (Russian: Владимир Павлович Безобразов, 15 January 1828, Vladimir, Imperial Russia, — 29 August 1889, Noskovo, Moscow Governorate, Imperial Russia) was one of the leading Russian economists of the 19th century; he was also a state official, magazine editor, publicist and lecturer, author of numerous essays and articles, mostly on political economy, bank system, law and finance.

Vladimir Bezobrazov
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Владимир Павлович Безобразов

(1828-01-15)January 15, 1828
DiedAugust 29, 1889(1889-08-29) (aged 61)
Noskovo, Moscow Governorate, Imperial Russia
Occupationeconomist • state official • journalist

A member of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciencess (since 1864), Bezobrazov in 1860s edited the Ministry of State Properties Magazine and later the Geographical Society Herald. As a Ministry of Finance official, he took active part in organizing and monitoring Russian regional bank system. In the 1860s, at the height of the Alexander II-induced reforms, he became one of the initiators and leaders of the Russian Geographical Society's Political and Economical committee. In 1868 Bezobrazov was elected the Moscow Governorate's glasny; in 1885 he became a member of the Russian Senate.[1]

He taught political economy and financial law at the Alexandrovsky Lyceum and in the 1870s tutored four members of the Russian monarch's family, Grand Dukes Alexey Alexandrovich, Nikolai Konstantinovich, Sergey Alexandrovich, and Konstantin Konstantinovich.

In 1873 Bezobrazov, part of the team of eleven renowned lawyers, co-founded the Institut de Droit International in Gent.[2] The same year he started publishing the Russian Knowledge Anthology (Сборник государственных знаний), featuring articles and essays by leading Russian economists and lawyers.[1][3]


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