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The About this soundVlaamse Volksbeweging  (Dutch: Flemish People's Movement) or VVB is a Flemish nationalist thinktank and pressure group located in Berchem, Belgium.

The VVB claims to be completely independent, although several politicians can be found among the members.

In 1956, the VVB was founded by Maurits Coppieters, a notorious politician and anti-fascist Flemish nationalist. In the beginning, the VVB opposed Belgian unitarism by demanding Flemish autonomy and suggesting the introduction of federalism. The conservative politician Wilfried Martens - and later Belgian Prime Minister and EPP Chairman - even announced constitutional reform on a VVB-congress in 1962.

Since 1991, the VVB no longer supports further federalisation of the Belgian state and stands for complete Flemish independence. Within the Flemish Movement, the VVB represents the more radical flamingants.

The VVB was founder of the monthly magazine Grondvest about Flanders and the Flemish movement. The VVB also distributes two newsletters Kaderblad ('Board Paper') and Nederlands Landstaal ('Dutch Language of the State').

The VVB celebrated its 50th year of existence in 2006 and changed its motto from Vlaanderen staat in Europa (meaning both:'Flanders stands in Europe' and 'Flanders, state in Europe') into Wij gaan verder ('We Go Further'). In 2013 the VVB launched a campaign Ja voor Vlaanderen (Yes for Flanders). In 2014 te VB organised an international manifestation in Brussels in collaboration with its European partners of EPI (European Partnership for Independence) en ICEC (International Commission of European Citizens).

The VVB is composed out of more than 100 regional committees and its membership exceeded 5,000 by early 2015.

Since 2013, the VVB is chaired by Bart De Valck.


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