Vittorio Chierroni (26 May 1917 – 29 July 1986[1][2]) was an Italian alpine skier who competed in the 1936 Winter Olympics and in the 1948 Winter Olympics.[3]

Vittorio Chierroni
Personal information
Born(1917-05-26)26 May 1917
Abetone, Tuscany, Italy
Died(1986-07-29)29 July 1986
Country Italy
SportAlpine Skiing
Event(s)Slalom, Alpine Combined, Downhill
ClubFiamme Gialle
Achievements and titles
National finalsItalian Championships
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He was born in Abetone, Tuscany, like Zeno Colò and Celina Seghi, and he finished 18th in the alpine skiing combined event at the 1936 Winter Olympics.[3]

During World War II he participated in the 1941 "World Cup" in Cortina d'Ampezzo that was not subsequently approved by the FIS because many nations opposing the war were absent. At this event, Chierroni won the gold medal in slalom.[3]

National titles


Chierroni won 14 medals (10 wins) at the Italian Championships: 6 in downhill, 5 in slalom and 3 in combined. [4][5]


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