Vitalicio Seguros

Vitalicio Seguros (UCI team code: VIT) was a Spanish professional road bicycle racing cycling team active between 1998 and 2000. It helped launch the careers of triple world champion Óscar Freire, 2001 Vuelta a España winner Ángel Casero and Tour de France yellow jersey wearer Igor González de Galdeano.

Vitalicio Seguros
Team information
Founded1998 (1998)
Key personnel
General managerJavier Minguez
Team name history
1998 — Div. I
1999 — Div. I

2000 — Div. I
Vitalicio Seguros (VIT)
Vitalicio Seguros-
Grupo Generali (VIT)
Vitalicio Seguros-
Grupo Generali (VIT)
Team colours Team colours Team colours

The team was started by manager in 1998 with funding from Assicurazioni Generali, who wished to promote their Catalan brand and made a three-year commitment.

Major winsEdit

Stage 3 Vuelta a Aragon, Serguei Smetanine
Stages 1 & 2 Vuelta Ciclista a La Rioja, Serguei Smetanine
Stage 3 Vuelta Ciclista a La Rioja, Juan Carlos Dominguez
Stage 4 Vuelta Asturias, Santiago Blanco
  Spain Road Race Championships, Angel Luis Casero
Stage 1 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, Oscar Freire
  Overall Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, Hernan Buenahora
Stages 6 & 7
Stage 1 Tour of Galicia, Serguei Smetanine
Stages 13, 15 & 20 Vuelta a Espana, Andrei Zintchenko
Trofeo Manacor, Elio Aggiano
Stage 5 Tirreno-Adriatico, Igor Gonzalez De Galdeano
  Overall Vuelta a Aragon, Juan Carlos Dominguez
Stage 3
  Overall Vuelta Ciclista a La Rioja, Juan Carlos Dominguez
Stage 1, Serguei Smetanine
Stage 3, Juan Carlos Dominguez
  Overall Vuelta Asturias
Stage 1, Álvaro González
  Spain Road Race Championships, Angel Luis Casero
Prologue & Stage 3 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, Angel Luis Casero
Stage 3 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, Elio Aggiano
Stage 3 Vuelta a Burgos, Serguei Smetanine
Prologue & Stage 12 Vuelta a Espana, Igor Gonzalez De Galdeano
Subida al Naranco, Santiago Blanco
  Overall Escalada a Montjuich, Andrei Zintchenko
Stage 1a
  World Road Race championships, Oscar Freire
Stage 4 Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol, Santiago Blanco
  Overall Vuelta Ciclista a la Rioja, Miguel Angel Martin Perdiguero
Stage 4
Prologue Giro d'Italia, Jan Hruska
Stage 11 Giro d'Italia, Victor Hugo Peña
Stage 17 Giro d'Italia, Álvaro González
Stage 20 Giro d'Italia, Jan Hruska
  Spain Road Race Championships, Álvaro González de Galdeano
Stage 9 Volta a Portugal, Pedro Horrillo
Stage 5 Tour of Galicia, Ivan Ramiro Parra
Stage 14 Vuelta a Espana, Álvaro González