Virginia Warwick

Virginia Warwick (born in 1903)[1] was an actress in silent films. She had several starring roles including in Ace of Cactus Range (1924).

Poster from Ace of Cactus Range (1924)


Warwick's early education came in her birthplace of St. Louis; her later schooling came in Los Angeles.[1]

A high school athlete, she became one of Mack Sennett's bathing beauties.[2][unreliable source?] After being a Sennett Bathing Beauty,[3] Warwick starred opposite Frank Merrill in Reckless Speed (1925) and A Gentleman Roughneck.[4]

Several of her films have been republished since 2000 and are held at libraries.[citation needed]

In October 1924, Warwick married actor and comedian Jimmie Adams.[5] In 1923, Warwick sued to enjoin Virginia Helen Warrick from using Virginia Warrick as a professional name.[6]

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