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Virgiliu Pop (born in 1974) is a Romanian space lawyer and author. He has claimed ownership of the Sun in order to make a point about extraterrestrial property rights claims that he argues are bogus.[4] He has asserted that the Moon is a "commons", but also predicts that this status wouldn't last if lunar exploitation were to become practical.[5][6]

Virgiliu Pop
Virgiliu Pop

ResidenceTimișoara, România
OccupationResearcher for the Romanian Space Agency, Space lawyer, Author[1]
EmployerRomanian Space Agency
Known forRomanian Space Lawyer, Author, ROMars Mission[2]

He works for the Romanian Space Agency and is publicly active in promoting space efforts in Romania.[7]

List of worksEdit

  • Pop, Virgiliu (2009). Who Owns the Moon?: Extraterrestrial Aspects of Land and Mineral Resources Ownership. Space Regulations Library. Springer. ISBN 978-1-4020-9134-6.
  • Pop, Virgiliu (2006). Unreal Estate – The Men who Sold the Moon. Cornwall, UK: Exposure. ISBN 1-84685-095-9.
  • Avocatul Poporului – Institutie fundamentala a statului de drept: (ISBN 973-96412-8-8) a book about the ombudsman institution 1995
  • Orizont Interior: (No ISBN) a poetry book 1992


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