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Vincent and Me (French-language title: Vincent et moi) is a 1990 Canadian fantasy film. The movie was directed by Michael Rubbo and is the 11th in the Tales for All (Contes Pour Tous) series of children's movies created by Les Productions la Fête.

Vincent and Me
Directed byMichael Rubbo
Produced byRock Demers
Claude Nedjar
Written byMichael Rubbo
StarringNina Petronzio
Christopher Forrest
Paul Klerk
Alexandre Vernon Dobtcheff
Anna-Maria Giannotti
Andrée Pelletier
Jeanne Calment
Matthew Mabe
Tchéky Karyo
Music byPierick Houdy
CinematographyAndreas Poulsson
Release date
  • 13 December 1990 (1990-12-13) (Canada)
Running time
101 mins

At the age of 114, Jeanne Calment appeared briefly in the film as herself, making her the oldest person to ever appear in a motion picture.[1] Calment claimed to have met Vincent van Gogh ca. 1888 when she was 12 or 13.[2]



Jo loves to draw, and she is good enough at it to win a scholarship. She goes to the city from her small town to study at a special art school, where more than anything else, she hopes to learn to paint like her hero, Vincent van Gogh. While sketching faces one day, she encounters a mysterious European art dealer who buys a few of her drawings, and commissions her to do some more. He rewards her handsomely for her work, and goes back to Amsterdam. Not long after, Jo is shown a magazine story about the "discovery" and million dollar sale of some of the drawings of young Vincent van Gogh, drawings only she and her friend, Felix, know are hers. The only thing to do is for Jo and friends to get to Amsterdam and find the mystery man. Or better still, go right to the source and speak to Vincent himself in 19th century Arles.



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